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  1. Ive recently been getting noticed around school as a magician, and am being asked to do card tricks more frequently. However, the tricks in my repertoire are primarliy large impact tricks, and I would like some small, yet effective, tricks. any suggestions?
  2. What kind of big impact tricks are they?
  3. Just do a couple color changes and they'll go crazy...
  4. Oreo sandwich, a trick where i slap the cards and theirs is there (dont know the name), they hold a card and it changes in their hands, and some with the four aces,

    ok, I try those
  5. Hmm...

    A simple sandwich effect such as FISH SANDWICH (Oz Pearlman) is so easy, but so effective. A quick force, and a mind reading revelation would also be quite good. Another thing you could do is just select a card, do a pass, and do a color change, yes, it get's great reactions (shapeshifter, classic color change...etc.).

    I am not sure if a 2 card monte would fit under this category, but it is a great one to try. Anything from TRILOGY DISC 1 could also be a good option. Especially Hand to Mouth and SUBWAY.

    Hopefully this helped!

    Good luck,


    EDIT: Iron Fist is what I believe the guy above me is talking about. Also, Chris Kenner's 1on1's such as Invisible Reverse, or Simple/Sloppy shuffle triumph are also wonderful. Pick up his book Totally Out of Control for some great effects that are indeed, short and sweet.
  6. i do have the trilogy, and i have done hand to mouth once before, as well as i am working on subway,
    thank you for the advice, ill work on those tricks
  7. i love how someone mentioned oreo sandwich because i just came up with a trick that involves taking apart an oreo cookie, placing it in their hands covering it with yours give it a shake and its back together. as for simple effective tricks go with any simple card reversal, two card monte, simple triumph, asher twist. im sure that there is alreday a thread on this so... hope this helps. good luck
  8. Here a few simple tricks I do at school that get great reactions:
    Biddle trick
    Technique Matthew Mello
    Simple mindreading
    Erdnase color change
    Card in Hand Brad Christian
    The Queens Dan and Dave buck
    COLD by Dee Christopher
  9. I havent heard of technique or cold, ill look them up, thank you

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