SICK by Ponta the Smith Review

Sep 1, 2007
Orlando, FL
I just did visit Singapore and was able to find some amazing dollar sized coins in ChinaTown. I would recommend you visit it and ask around for coin dealers. They're everything you need there.

hard to get big coins where i live.
got these arcade tokens today but they're good at most for the matrixes.
3inch jumbo US half dollars would be too big.
2inch should be perfect.
now if i can just find some in singapore.
May 6, 2009
A quick question, does Ponta teach the finger tip muscle pass in Sick? Or is it just done in performance?

He doesn't teach it. And it's very hard to do. I learned it from Coins Across New York Coin Magic, from Koyona Harbottle (sp?). It was Curtis kam's orignal idea. After i learned it I sent Curtis a PM on the magic cafe for some tips. Now it's just practicing it and getting it usable.
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