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  1. This is my review on Sean Fields Sick

    First off this is not the coin effect you saw Criss Angel perform on his supernatural special, though this effect was inspired from that particular effect.

    Onto the review

    Effect Borrow a coin. Swallow it.

    What happens next can be described in one word.


    Take a knife, and slice your arm wide open. The spectators can see the wound open, and the blood flow. With no movement or cover whatsoever, the spectator can see the coin slowly emerging from within your body! This looks unbelievable!

    Remove the coin, and hand it back.

    This is Sick.

    Price $24.95

    The Gimmick The gimmick uses some things you probably already own and if not the items are particually easy to get so no hassels there.

    Teaching The teaching was great he explains everything you need to know in full detail and has some shots with just music running through it again. Multiple camera angles its all good.

    Reset The great thing about this trick is that it literally takes only at the most 25 seconds the reset is pretty easy a run to the bathroom will solve your problems. But great non the less.

    Practical I belive this to be pretty practical its not going to take you more than a minute to reset. It can be done with a signed coin and even better you can even like the knife it you really wanted to ( MMMM Blood ) Overall nice and practical.

    The Blood He teaches some methods to make the blood and help deliver it to your arm the items needed are very very very accesable. Should be more than easy

    Overall i think the effect is Great simple can be a signed coin there are some really nice aspects to it so if you wanna Creep some people out


    You will enjoy the effect

  2. wow i did not know the coin can be sighned, thx for the review i enjoyed it
  3. What other applications are there?

    How big of objects can you produce in blood from your arm?
    (would 3 dice work?)
  4. I'm pretty sure a dice is to big as in Chunky big it could work maybe. like you can do needles, coins probably even razor blades there is a pretty big variety of what you could do it with. But it's not like your gonna swallow a deck of cards or something.

    But 3 dice no i wouldn't think so.
  5. Where can I buy this effect?????
  6. This may sound stupid, but do you have to cut yourself with a knife? I was thinking how cool it would be to use a pen.
  7. I'd like to know to, maybe check out a demo vid of it too.
  8. Criss Angel did this exact same effect many moons ago. Still it is an awesome effect tho.
  9. actually it looked simmilar but its a different effect, sean fields got the diea from watching criss preformt hat efect

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