Silver Morgan Dollar Shells

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  1. Where can I buy silver (morgan) dollar shells? i was looking at coin one but I don't think it comes with any.
  2. here is one site. just google it. there are lots of results. they are very expensive. i myself use expanded 1964 half dollars which are also hard to find. Morgans are awesome though
  3. These are a bit pricey but you get what you pay for and Jamie is one of the best in the business:

    also- coinone/cointwo don't come with any coins but Homer's dvd's are simply AWESOME.. well worth double what he's charging for them..
  4. schoolcraft and todd lassen are the best you can get, they are pricey, but worth every penny. Coinone can also be perfromed with half dollars as well, tango and johnson make a cheaper shell, but it gets the job done.
  5. Coin One and Coin Two can be done with Half dollars and I think E sells Kennedy's and also shells for the Kennedy's for like 30 bucks or so.

    The reason Homer Liwag uses Morgan dollars is because well.. He can afford them and the size of the coins make the routine look a bit more visual. Also he has custom shells and Morgans. I think he mentioned that his coins were aged and made to look like that.
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    can i get morgan coins (normal ones obviously) at the bank?

    and how many shells are used in the coin one routine? i need to know before i order.
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  7. I don't think they sell Silver Dollars anymore. You MIGHT be able to get Half dollars but I am not sure on that. I do know you can get half dollars pretty cheap at most coin shops. But for Morgans they are like 50-100 bucks I think.
  8. most likely no, your best bet would be to go to a coin collector type store, and ask for some morgans, depending on the condition of the coin will depend on the price. If that fails, try ebay or you might have to order a set from lassen or schoolcraft.
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    Tango is now making an Expanded Morgan Shell. Only 100 will be made. This is not to be confused with their Slippery Morgan Expanded Shell, which will not work for CoinOne. Johnson also makes a Morgan Expanded Shell HERE.

    Morgan Dollars can not be found at banks. Coin shops usually carry nice Morgan coins from 17-30$ a piece.

    The best Expanded Shells are made by Todd Lassen, followed by Jame Schoolcraft.
  10. how many shells are used in coin one
  11. I would like to add to this, the tango morgan is 130-150 dollars from the sites I saw, for that price just get a lassen or schoolcraft, and the johnson morgan has been out of stock for quite a while now.
  12. Buy the DVD and you'll find out.
  13. i see that schoolcraft sells a set of four coins and a shell. what is the size difference from a walking liberty to a morgan? not to sound like a broken reacord but how many shells are used in coin one? i am wondering if i could get one of those sets and be fine
  14. you only need 1 set & if you can afford it - get the morgans they look good and you won't be disappointed.. it's an investment - these will last you a lifetime..

    and i have to agree with randy - make sure you get the dvd.. Homer is obsessive about his production quality and his instruction is among the very best.. for that matter get the the set of both coinone & cointwo
  15. idk i want a large coin so the magic looks even more visual close up and can also be seen from a distance but i kind of like the barber halfs and the walking liberties because when you purchase sets they look more worn where as the morgans look brand new and that isnt really me (sorry if that sounds dumb). so does anyone know the size difference in those two coins in comparison to the morgans? if so that would be a tremendous (sp?) help!
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    the morgan is larger in diameter

    standard quarter = 24.26mm

    walking liberty half - 30.6mm
    barber half = 30.6mm
    kennedy half = 30.6mm

    peace dollar = 38.1mm
    morgan dollar = 38.1mm
  17. Just get a few Kennedy halfs and a shell for them and you should be fine.
  18. Randy's probably right - one thing to take note of of is that the larger coins require a more developed handling..

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