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  1. Hey I'm not super new to magic and have done gigs, I've just never used shells. So naturally I don't know much about them (like maybe u fish regularly but have never used a certain lure and you don't know what depth to run it at. That doesn't mean you are new to fishing just that lure.) But I think I'll go with a half dollar shell first. Do you recommend E's shells or Penguin's? and for what reasons?

    Edit: also which one (from penguin) would i use for a routine like coin one. i just checked again and they have a bunch of half dollar shells
  2. I wouldn't trust anything from penguin. Due to how they treat their customers.

    Anyways, from what I have read is that a Shell or an Expanded Shell will both work fine with Coin One and Two. Hope your coin sleights are up for it, because the moves aren't beginner coin moves.
  3. From my experience, Penguin was the first to have awesome Customer Service- they started the trend in the magic community, you could say.
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    If you really want some Morgan Dollars. I just checked on ebay and a few sellers have them in bulk. Now they're not exactly brand new or anything and most are mixed lots. But I saw one that had a crap ton of them for like 20 bucks buy it now.

    Tho I wouldn't suggest learning with Silver Dollars just yet. Once you get used to using half dollars and end up blowing people away. Then you can train your hands to get good with bigger coins.
  5. does anyone else have an opinion on if i should get a half dollar shell from e or penguin

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