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  1. iv got a bunch of kenedy halfs but no specific year
  2. Yeah I just did a bit of searching and it's recommended that you start out with Half dollars. Because they'd be easier to work with and easier to get a hold of. Not to mention you'll be kicking yourself if you loose a coin that cost you like 30-100 bucks. Rather than if you loose a coin that merely cost like 2-7 bucks. I was able to get like 6 Kennedy's for like 10 bucks. Doesn't matter what condition they are in. I just got the used old kind. But E does sell a pack of brand new ones for like 7-9 bucks a pop.

    Also checked and you only one gimmick. I'm pretty sure it's the same for Coin Two as well.
  3. but i would have to spend 75 on a shell anyway so y not spend more and save that 75? also are you sure you only need one shell for coin one cuz in the demo it looks like he has one in his left and right hand?
  4. That's what other people thought, but it looks that way because of how good Homer is. He'll teach you how to perform like that. The sleights in it are pretty intermediate with coins but should be within your grasp.
  5. one is used, kennedy halves will work fine, that and a kennedy half is easy to get and easy to find a shell for. Lassen and schoolcrafts kennedy's are silver halfs, so you would want to get your hands on some silver kennedy's if you get your shell from them.
  6. One shelled coin is used.
  7. You can get shells for most kennedy half dollars at just about any magic site. People say Schoolcraft because he does a lot of custom work. But for most people's budgets on this board I'd simply recommend looking up E's shells or any other decent sights. Once you start making a good living and are good with Silver Dollars and what not, then you can get the high end stuff.
  8. I was looking at maybe getting coin one and two to get the 15% off. Is coin two just slights or is it a routine like coin one?
  9. whatever you do, make sure you get a full side shell. The first shell I got about 3-4 years ago was only about halfway down the coin. I hated performing with it. Ya just my advice. Oh and I get all my half dollars at the bank for 50cents each. And usually they are from 1964.
  10. Yeah I've got like 30 halfs, but are all shells smooth on the inside? I do perform coin magic but I have never used shells so my knowledge on them is quite lacking.
  11. depends on the type of shell. I would pick up a cheap half dollar shell first to see how you handle it and to make sure you are comfortable with it. Always nice to hear about other coin magicians on here.
  12. I would hardly flatter myself with the title "Coin Magician". I perform things like 3/4 across, a quick silver routine, some coin in sugar packet tricks, i do one where i eat a coin (you can hear the crunches which acts as natural misdirection) and i put the coin in Goshman (sp?) pinch, i show my hand empty and then make a fist and blow on it and it has reappeared, i perform "a questionable trick", and a neat routine of vanishes and productions.
  13. get a schoolcraft set absolutely. yeah its pricey but your not just getting the amazing gaff your getting a whole set of beautiful coins crafted to every specific you give. i have a morgan set and they are beautiful. any in depth questions PM and i'll answer them.

    on another note, if you want to pick up some Morgans, Kennedy's or Walking Liberties at decent prices i have a website that is trustworthy and reasonably priced. the only reason im letting everyone in on the secret is there is a coin shop in town that sells any coin you can imagine for cheap the site is

    Cheap magic coins
  14. Not to offend, but I can not disagree more. If you have never gone into coin magic and want to start out and "test the waters" so to speak, by all means start with Johnson or even Sasco. Yes Schoolcraft makes some amazing coins and they are perfect and wonderful... they are also really expensive and should only be considered by professionals that are already making a lot of money, or people with more cash than brains. With that said, the link provided also sends you to a place where you can buy silver coins like the Kennedy 1964 half dollar (which is the first year the kennedy was created and the only one that is 90% silver). Due to the silver content, the cost of the coin is much higher than a regular half dollar. However, this site is asking for 10 bucks plus shipping for one of these coins. The coin is not considered rare so the value is not with that, its the silver. the silver content has a meltdown value of about 4 bucks right now (this changes with the fluctuation of the metal market). So the coin is worth about 4.75 - 5.00 at ANY given coin store. So if you gotta have a silver coin, don't go to a magic site... go to your local coin store. If you just want some half dollars, then go to the freakin' bank (they normally have 5 or 6 at the counter on any given day. As for my personal opinion... Bob Swadling was the creator of the filpper coin and has the best work and prices for quality I could ever imagine. If you want one hand made to perfection from a rare old coin, try the Morgan dollar expanded shell he makes for JB magic. Here's the secret kicker... its only $95 bucks and equal if not better quality than Schoolcraft or Todd Lassen plus it comes from a coin gaff legend. JB Magic is under the control of Mark Mason but Bob Swadling does all his coin work. Hope that helps!
  15. Which is why I recommended E's shells. They are decently priced. Schoolcraft is basically made for guys who do high end corporate gigs or who have been doing coin magic for years. Homer Liwag does recommend them, but then again he works for Copperfield and has more than enough cash to buy his own yacht.
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    i agree that for practice purposes a cheap shell might not be a bad idea, but as far as for performances there is no comparison cheap ones have some serious shortcomings, having used a cheap one and a schoolcraft.... its like driving a buick versus a mustang. I cherish my set and its served me well its a piece of art. if you have any hopes of a long career in magic and coin magic its a smart and worthwhile investment. also if you think its that easy to find 1964 kennedy's you obviously live a rare area as most banks have very few if any in stock and they dont last long. Also, ideally we should all strive to use silver dollars instead of halves.

    im also confused why you would recommend JB's Morgan set, it cost over 200 dollars, for that price you might as well get a schoolcraft. I dot know about the queality, you say its comparable to Lassen and Schoolcraft but this is the first ive heard of it so i dont know about that, i guess i'll wait for other reviews before passing judgement. keep in mind when you get a schoolcraft your not just getting a quality gaff, but quality coins. Each coin is LITERALLY identical to all the others, every single detail matches and they all match the shell. I cant compliment Jamie enough on his work and im really looking forward to meeting the artist at Magi-fest.
  17. But he's talking about his first shell... I mean, yea the buick and a mustang is a fine comparison... but the buick will still get you there. If your just practicing and starting... get the cheaper one, you might find that coin magic isn't your thing and you like cards, or whatever. Then you don't have a $100+ dollar mistake sitting in your dresser. If you find out that its what you like and you do a few gigs and make some money, then go get the good stuff (although I still suggest Bob Swdaling over Schoolcraft). Start small, practice until people think your nuts, then practice a little more, perform, make money, THEN worry about the "mustang". Heck, the best coin magic I have ever seen was done with old washers from a home depot.

  18. Read what I wrote, 1964 Kennedy's won't be found in a bank... but that doesn't mean they are rare. Any local coin shop will have stacks of them for about 5 bucks each. However, most banks do in fact carry Kennedy half dollars... the kennedy half dollar is still being produced (yes even in 2009), so if you check your banks they probably have them, and if they don't... they can and will get them for you. As for "ideally we should all strive to use silver dollars instead of halves"... thats just silly talk. David Roth normally uses halves and if anyone could be ideal with coins... hes da man! Its all about preference and common "cents".... he he he I made a funny!

  19. Once again, writing without really reading. I said JB has a great morgan shell for $95 which is a little bit cheaper than Schoolcraft with a faster turn around. I'm not dogging schoolcraft at all, I said that it was my personal opinion... no need to get defensive. I'm sorry that you haven't heard much about Bob Swadling... do a little research tho and you'll see that he is a really well kept secret in the coin magic world, talk about quality :)

    And yes, he also sells a set of Morgan dollars with a shell for the SAME PRICE as schoolcraft, and both sets are great!

    Regardless this banter defeats the point. If your just starting, neither of them are right for you.
  20. I recommend the cheap decent priced one because his friends and strangers really aren't going to notice the difference between a High end Half Dollar and a used one. To most lay people. Most of these coins are all the same. Once you start getting gigs and start being pretty damn good with shells and other gaff's then you can go for the expensive stuff.

    Right now just worry about wowing your friends with your coin magic and how good you sleight of hand with coins is.

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