Simple Hits Hard, but Complex Hits Deep

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ben Long, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I think that by simple, we are not saying that it's easy to perform, but simple to follow and understand.

    When the spectator is looking at something that is simple for them to follow, they can't grasp how it turned out so magical in front of their eyes.

    If I am doing something that is very complicated to follow. They get lost in the process and when the magic occurs, they may like it, but they are not as impressed because they would just feel that they missed the "Possible Method" or explanation in their mind during the complicated process.

    When they see something simple to follow and not complicated to understand. The magic hits harder.

    Here is an example:

    Complicated - I have the spectator pick a card, put it back in the deck. I shuffle them and then deal out 3 different rows of cards. They pick a row that contains their card but don't tell me what it is. I gather them all up again. I shuffle once more. I deal three rows again and have them pick the row their card is in. I gather them all up again and shuffle. I deal three more rows out and have them pick the row with their card. I gather them up. Shuffle and then I deal out Three rows face down. I have them pick any one of the 3 rows and then I eliminate that row. I have the pick on of the two rows that remain and I then eliminate that row. I gather up the cards in the last row and start to deal them face up on the table. They don't see their card on this small stack of cards. I wave my hand over the stack and fan them out to show one card facing down. They pick it up and it's their card.

    Reaction - That was neat

    Their thoughts - I missed the switch or what ever he did during all the dealing and shuffling. I bet if he did it again, I can pick up on something.


    Simple - I have the spectator touch a card. I show them the card and place it on the table. I have them focus on the card in their mind and then have them place it in the middle of the deck. I immediately, without shuffling, Riffle the cards on the table and they clearly see their card facing up. The only card facing up.

    Reaction - What in the world. That was amazing

    Their thoughts - I was looking right at the card, I placed it in myself and he just magically made it turn over without shuffling the deck.

    Hope that makes sense.
  2. it made a lot of sense Proximo but i bet someone will argue you wrong!

    simple/easy to follow = win and magical

    complicated = still amazing but gives a more gamblers move impression

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