SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

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    ***UPDATE*** The White Monarch Uncut Sheets are now out of stock! There are still White Monarch decks available for orders with a subtotal of $50 or more, and that contain at least one shipable item.

    SIX releases. ONE day. THIS Friday. On Friday at 11:00am EDT, we're excited to announce six new releases.

    The first of which is RAPTURE, an effect by Edward Boswell that looks and FEELS like trick photography. The second is INSANE - a simple, powerful mentalism effect from Andy Nyman: a creator, director, performer, and writer for Derren Brown. What are the other FOUR items? Join us on Friday to find out.

    On two occasions, we have attempted to sell White Monarchs. On two occasions, we have failed. The demand was astronomical, and even after ramping up our servers 500%, the surge in traffic tore our servers apart. So this Friday, we're NOT going to sell White Monarchs. We're going to give them away.

    For 12 hours only - from 11am to 11pm EDT - we will be including one deck of White Monarchs with every shipped order over $50. For each shipped order over $100, we'll be including a White Monarch UNCUT SHEET and a deck of White Monarch Playing Cards - on the house. A gift, a present, from us to you.

    Join us on Friday and be a part of the action. 12 hours only. From 11:00am EDT to 11:00pm EDT.
  2. Sounds fantastic! I'll be here. :)
  3. So many nice releases!!!
    Could You tell me if
    Rapture will be available as a download or DVD version?
    If my order is over 100$ are you shipping uncut sheet internationally (do I have to pay for shipping)
  4. hello hello ...i have a question ....I need 50$ full order without the shipping or 30$+20$ shipping its ok? thnx a lot
  5. The $50 will be calculated based on your order subtotal (the amount not including taxes or shipping).
  6. Rapture will be available as a DVD and Download at the time of release. Yep! We are including the White Monarchs and White Monarch Uncut Sheets for free, at no additional cost. Any shipped orders over $50 will include a deck of White Monarchs, and any shipped orders over $100 will include a White Monarch Uncut Sheet AND a deck of White Monarchs. 12 hours only.
  7. Will there be a limit on the amount of white monarchs you give?
  8. While supplies last, but we think we have enough White Monarchs and Uncut Sheets to last for the 12 hours of this event.
  9. Awesome!!! i will be here ^^.
  10. Well there goes my months rent LOL
  11. I have got to say... this is incredibly lame. I tried to get the decks both fridays of both weeks and now I have to put 50 bucks into cards just to get ONE?

    I'm never coming back to this company.
  12. How sure are you guys? I don't get home from work until about 7ish and I've been at every single White Monarch release with failed attempts at getting the cards :/
  13. No hints as to what the other releases are going to be? I'm tired of riddles...
  14. Great.

    So I get to spend $70 at least to get a deck.

    No thanks T11. Perhaps next time you can I dunno, just release a deck like normal?
  15. Hey Chinky, while you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I'm not quite sure that's the right perspective in this case. Please allow me the opportunity to explain. In this event, we're not charging a dime for the decks. We're giving them away, and we're giving away uncut sheets too. We're even covering the additional cost of shipping. This is a way of us saying "thank you" to those that support us, and giving away something for no extra cost.

    I appreciate your support, and I certainly understand your frustration from the previous two release windows. Those events were a horrible experience for us as well, and we promised never to do another release window until we were confident that that would not happen again. That is precisely why we're giving these away for free, and exactly why this event is no rush - it's a full 12 hours on Friday.
  16. are all of you really whining about this? First off, its their company, they can do what they want. Second, ITS A DECK OF CARDS. seriously guys, grow up and go practice your passes or patter.
  17. Is there a trailer on andy nyman's effect? I'm looking forward to it
  18. Hey Matt, keep in mind that no one has to do anything. This is a thank you - a free gift - to our members that support us day in and day out, in happy times, and in epic fail release windows that crash our servers (!!). In this case, we can't release these decks "like normal" as only a small amount were produced. If we released them like normal, they'd be sold out in minutes, and a few members would own them all. By giving them away - FREE - in orders people are already placing, we're ensuring that the most amount of people possible get these decks in their hands.

    Nevertheless, if the White Monarchs aren't of interest, then by all means disregard that part of my message and look forward to SIX new releases on Friday. The White Monarchs were just something nice we thought we would do as icing on the cake.
  19. Absolutely! The trailer for RAPTURE and INSANE will both be posted at the time of release.
  20. hi~ JB
    I try to add the monarch bottle to my cart
    that I want to calculate the shipping fee
    but are there more than 50 bottle exist?

    because I can add more than 50 bottle :p

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