SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

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  1. i have 53.60 dollars and cents and there is no message
  2. will the wm be on sale or in windows after
  3. jb hey i love theory 11 and i would buy 50 dollars or more of stuff but my mom will not let me and i want to know if they will be available afterwards please say yes so i can get my hands on this deck i have 15 dollars ready for one deck and shipping if they will be available for windows so will they
  4. Tatan,
    The $50.00 mark needed to be hit prior to the shipping cost and final total. For example: I purchased 3 items:
    1.) $19.95 2.) $19.95 3.) $14.95 = $54.85 That was BEFORE any shipping costs and the final total therefore I received a notification on the green bar above my cart saying that a Free Deck of White Monarchs would be shipped as well.

    You will NOT receive anything stating it INSIDE the actual cart or on the email verification later but they will be shipped with your items.
  5. pf... i just made my purchase at 56$ without shippin and 82$+shipping ....I DIDNT SEE ANYTHING SAYING ABOUT WM ....BUT I WISH I HAD IT IN MY BOX WHEN IT WILL COME HOME! .. THANKS A LOT ! KISSES!
  6. As long as your order subtotal (before taxes or shipping) was above $50, and your order was between 11:00am and 11:00pm EDT today, then you will definitely be receiving a shiny little special something in that package! Enjoy.
  7. Well I won't be able to get over 50$ in this order, just because I simply can't find enough merch that I need for that much BUUUUT I will be ordering a copy of Andy's effect come tomorrow morning. You sold me on that one.

    Thank's JB
  8. I picked up Rapture, and it passed the wife test - - She said "Wow! That was amazing! I have no idea how you did that."
  9. Limited editions?

    +1 For this. I mean, really, what is the point of rare editions? Let me know if I got this right - if one would like to increase profit with special edition cards, he/she would set a higher price for these cards, e.g. White Monarchs, at let's say $15-20 or give them for free with purchases over $50 (which is completely fair and legit). But, if these cards cost the same as all the other cards, then, what is the profit there? Someone would sell them on eBay for a much higher price, but where is your profit there?

    Just imagine Apple selling white edition of iPhone in limited quantities. It would cost the same as the black one, but it would be rare. Silly, isn't it? Everybody wants to have the white iPhone, so they enable anyone to have it. I believe it's the same with these cards (not just White Monarchs, but all the other limited editions, like B/W Centurions and others...). These cards look great (a true piece of beauty, really) and many people would like to have them. Why making it such a big deal to get one of these? I understand that there are certain strategies of marketing and selling, but I really can't get my head around this one.

    If someone could please clarify this one for me, I would mostly appreciate it. Thanks.

  10. You actually got it just about right on the head at one point. What makes these things rare and so collectible has nothing to do with initial price, or how hard they were to manufacture. Take for example old baseball cards; they were only a few pennies a piece when they first came out, but some of those are now worth thousands upon thousands because of how rare they are now.

    Take for example one that I will eventually get my hands on, the 1st edition Black Ghost deck from ellusionist. Cheapest I found it on Ebay was $120 in a buy it now auction. There were a few being bid on for less, but still, not cheap. That is just because of how rare they are (only 5,000 ever made if I remember right).

    I am a card collector first, and so this was perfect for me, and even though I work nights and am always asleep that early in the morning, I got up right at the start of the promotion, had my cart prepared the night before, and got my order in time for both the deck and uncut sheets. Granted still waiting for the damn order to ship xD
  11. Thank you for your answer PaperTreeProphet. Glad that you got your cards.

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