SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

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  1. Hmm... I have a few $ less than 100$ in my card and say:
    "A free White Monarch deck will be sent with your order".
    "Free White Monarch Uncut Sheet will be sent with your order!"

    This means that I receive uncut?
  2. If you press F5, that will disappear. So no, need to be $100.
  3. I press F5 but still there ;]
  4. Hmm. Maybe you still do, I don't know. My WM disappeared when I refreshed the page (maybe WM and uncut are set on different threshold, I don't know.)

    On a side note, this has been a good opportunity for me to finally get my hand on Charity:Water deck. I'm really glad T11 is continuously supporting them.
  5. Hey everyone!

    The White Monarch decks are uncut sheets are not showing up in your cart when you place your order. As this moment, we still have uncut sheets available. If your order meets the criteria, you will receive the gift.

    Once again, your subtotal must be over ($50 or $100, depending on what tier you are shooting for) before shipping. If you have a coupon code, your order must be over that amount after you use your coupon code. If you meet this criteria, and we still have these items left, you will receive it. The Uncut sheets are going fast, and won't be available much longer!


    // L
  6. Can I cancel my order and remake it, because I used a coupon code, and it was under 100 then, but didn't now that. Can I cancel it and remake it, without the coupon code, or with more stuf?
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    That is it! We are now officially out of White Monarch Uncut Sheets! There are still White Monarch playing cards available for orders that contain at least one shipable item, and that have subtotals over $50, but the Uncut Sheets are officially out of stock.

    Congrats to those who were able to get their hands on these rare sheets!

  8. Wowsers...those went FAST!
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    I'm sorry, but this is out of order.
    I am a reliable customer and for 3 years have been a true fan of theory11, consistently buying DVDs, playing cards and more. I always enjoyed your service, but this let me down so badly.

    Neither in the news section, nor in the forums or checkout there was a single notice, that coupon codes, when applied, do have an impact on the receiving a giveaway deck of White Monarchs or Uncut Sheet of this deck.

    Moreover, J. Bayme clearly stated earlier, that ''The $50 will be calculated based on your order subtotal (the amount not including taxes or shipping).''. Not a single hint about coupon codes affecting the application of the giveaway decks and uncuts.

    I have been taking part in such contests (Black Friday etc.) for two consecutive years and there wasn't a single year, when coupon or promo codes, when applied and thus reducing the necessary subtotal value for the giveaway, canceled the additional rare giveaway deck, whether it was White Centurions or Brown Wynns or whatever else. I have never experienced such issue, until now.

    I'm not a wealthy man, but being a student and working up I saved some money for this event and made like 5 consecutive orders, being in the dark and misguided by the rules of the giveaway. I applied the coupon code and still had a notice that I have White Monarch decks and/or Uncut sheets in my bag during the checkout (in case of required proof I can show you screenshots of the checkout process of these orders).

    I made all my orders obviously earlier than Lyle's announcement on the forums was made. So what am I supposed to do now?
    Now you say, that all the uncut sheets are gone, and I was sure, that I got them in my order, that I made, but now it turned up that this is not the case. Not cool, considering that I was waiting like many guys out there for this release over a month.

    I'm not a fan of giveaways, I loved the concept of White Monarchs deck and was following theory11 announcements and was willing to buy one (as many other guys here) during the first two releases, but was unable to do so owing to the fails of the theory11 servers.

    I'm really upset and disappointed with theory11 customer service. I've been a reliable and responsible customer and now I have been let down like this - to make five orders and to receive a zero giveaway decks/Uncut Sheets. What a waste of my money!

    I would like to know, if I still can have White Monarchs and Uncut sheets applied to my orders. If not, I would like to cancel my orders, I have already sent a letter to the theory11 support.

    Sorry guys, but this is not professional. I believed in you during the first two releases and was supporting you, but now I am let down like this. Not good.
  10. White Monarch Uncut Sheets

    I thought you were going to have anough to last 12 hours, I wish I would have known that.
  11. That sounds frustrating. But they did clarify earlier in this thread that your subtotal needs to be over said amounts. Discounts always come before subtotal.
    It sounds frustrating at first, but makes the most sense to do it this way (which is why [almost?] all businesses operate this way.
  12. Hell you barely had anough to last an hour
  13. I don't agree with you, grand total take into account the discount, not the subtotal, this is how it works on many online shops(Ellusionist, ...)

    When making my order (barely more than $100) after appyting the 15% code my subtotal was still over $100 and the messages about the deck and the uncut were still showing, proof :

    Not that I had to go back to the "your cart screen" after applying the code and finished the order (I still had the items in the cart because I got a bad gateway error while ordering, but it still gone through as I recevied the email confirmation).

    I know that you can see a total <$100 on the above pic, but I assure you that in the confirmation screen, the subtotal was still >$100, I should have taken a screenshot... Anyway you can see the uncut message, so this is pretty obvious that something was faulty.
  14. You're totally right, I had placed an order too, and applied the coupon code too. I have been able to replace an order with more stuff so that I had the 100 dollars. It must be very frustrating. I'm sorry for you...
  15. Are there going to be anymore chances to get a white monarch uncut sheet? I mean they went out of stock in like 2 hours I was really looking forward to getting one. Will you guys be giving them away as a holiday promotion or something?
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  17. The uncut sheets went really fast! The White Monarchs are still available with every shipped order with a final subtotal over $50. I think today in general is a good day to order something shippable - just have a feeling...
  18. I noticed in my email confirmation that the wm and uncut were not added to my order. I placed an order at 11:25, am I still receiving them or did I lose out?
  19. I don't believe it says anything in your confirmation email regarding the decks or uncuts. You just see it when you check out on the green bar above the cart section.
  20. OK we were told there would be enough to last the window. What are you going to do for the orders over $100 considering you said there would be enough to last the window? I knew this was going to happen! I had a couple errands to run and thought "no biggie, they assured us there would be enough to last" and the whole time I'm gone I'm thinking "publicity stunt...they're intentionally underplaying it so that they can act surprised when they sell out in an hour" and what happens? Exactly what I was afraid of. Shouldn't $100 orders at least get 2 decks? 3 would be fair because $50 orders get 1 but at least 2. What's up?

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