SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

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  2. So I know that downloads are included in the purchase deal so long as there's at least one shipped item, but does this include downloads from the wire as well?
  3. Waaaaaaa!!!

    Lamborghini...WAAAAAAA!!! Why do you only make certain cars limited edition?! That's not fair! I'm entitled to own exotic cards! If you really cared about us you would just release these cars like normal Hondas so we can all get one! And have it delivered to my house, at no cost, so I don't have to go to the dealership like an idiot.

    Concert halls....WAAAAAAA!! Why do you only have limited tickets to big time bands/artists? That's not fair! I'm entitled to go to all major concerts and not have to pay more because I wasn't online/in line on time! If you really cared about us you would just make the venue bigger and bigger till EVERYONE can attend. And have the tickets delivered to my house so I don't have to stand in line like an idiot.

    Art galleries....WAAAAAAA!!! Why do you only have limited editions of paintings? That's not fair!! I'm entitled to own rare paintings and I can if you just mass produce it! If you really cared about us you'll make millions so everyone can get it easily. And deliver and hang it on my wall for me so I don't have to bring it back myself like an idiot!

    JONATHAAAAAAAN!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Why don't I get everything I want?!! You and your stupid company that you just threw together, you and your damn logos and business plan and stuff. Everything comes so easy for you! Just buy a computer from Best Buy and just do it....Gawd!! What's so hard?!! ME ME ME ME ME!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

    ~ The New Generation
  4. Absolutely yes!
  5. Shweeeeeeet...
  6. Throughout this event, you will update us as soon as either of the WM become unavailable, right? Because I wouldn't want to make an order and within the second realize that the item has sold out. Although I'll be getting $50 or $100 worth of amazing magic, the WM are probably what I'm looking forward to the most. Unless, your other 6 releases are better than White Gold.

    P.S. - Jonathan, please check your inbox as I have sent you a private message regarding something special, but still personal. Thanks.
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    I don't claim to be an expert on all this stuff. But if people really like your decks why not release more of them? Like in versions or something? I mean, the USPCC obviously makes money with Bicycle decks, and they're the most ubiquitous deck in existence--the opposite of limited edition.

    I would understand the limited edition argument of luxury goods, or high-price concert tickets if Theory11 charged a large premium. But Theory11 doesn't, they charge very reasonable prices--these decks are only $7, people selling them for $75 or whatever make the bulk on these decks.

    And I totally get making them rare, but why can't there just be versions? So the first printing would be the rarest and so on...

    These cards look beautiful and I would love to get a brick or two of these cards so I can really use them, instead of one deck sitting on a shelf, or to remain unopened. I just love all Theory11 cards and it just seems like a shame that only a few people will be able to get their hands on these decks.

    Just an open question...
  8. Absolutely - during the 12 hours of this event, you will see the White Monarchs and/or White Monarch Uncut Sheet automagically added to your shopping cart once your subtotal crosses those boundaries ($50 or $100).
  9. Totally valid point - almost all of our decks are unlimited in edition. For example, the standard Monarchs have been in continuous circulation since the original printing, as well as Sentinels, Guardians, etc. We make updates from time to time (like the Guardians v2 four years later), but for the most part, we try our best to keep things in stock at all times. These White Monarchs were intended to be a limited edition from the start, so they are uniquely rare.
  10. Here's hoping I can grab a few the next time they're released! :)

  11. Rebel ?!...........
  12. The other four are all in one package and has not been done in the last 100 years.... Hmmm excited. Quick question, how much will that package cost? Because I can only put money on my card on Sunday for the next two months.
  13. Here's (another) question: if we have stuff in our online shopping cart before Friday (for example, at one point I added a few decks cause I was going to get them, and they've been sitting there ever since- well, imagine that they are, since it's the internet), and it totals over $50, if we refresh the page, on Friday, will the monarchs be automagically (cute btw :D) added? It might be easier for some people to add to cart what they're going to buy (unless they're waiting for new releases) before the event... and this would probably cause less traffic, too.
  14. The 4 packaged together items that haven't been done in the past 100 years are the following:

    1.) A Wand widdled by a gnome from an ancient redwood tree
    2.) 3 Cups that were cast from precious metals unearthed during the Cretaceous Period
    3.) 3 Balls that court jesters used to juggle while entertaining the Pharoh in Egypt
    4.) A wizard hat knitted from the finest silks of China

    Don't worry...there are plenty for everyone and if you order on Friday during the window of opportunity you'll get a pack of White Monarchs.

  15. Rick! You swore you would never tell!
  16. Sorry...the pressure just got too overwhelming.
  17. I am beginning to smell some CK action coming on Friday... I remember hearing about the original release a few years ago and being sad that I couldn't buy them at the time. Thought about them a few days ago and I think I might invest in the set.

    Looking forward to Friday!
  18. I strongly believe that most of the complains are for no good reasons. This is their way of apologizing for what they did with the two past attempts of release. And come on getting a free white monarch and/or white monarch uncut sheet is pretty nice deal! AND you don't have to pay extra shipping. This definitively makes me feel better! Im glad I've been working this summer and I can't wait to see that uncut sheet on my wall! Thanks theory11 for doing this! really appreciate it and I am sure that many of the people complaining are still gonna buy for the free white monarch. Haters gonna hate!
    Anyways thanks so much!
  19. Can't wait! I've been waiting to see what Insane is, I'm excited. Can the winners of the Insane Saturday Night Contest still claim their prize?
  20. the exact time is 11.00 (-4 GMT)? :S

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