SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

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  1. Okay, a few more questions:

    1. Would you say that the WM uncuts are more rare than the deck?

    2. How prepared do you believe you are? Because after tons of hype, you'd expect their to be much, much more traffic.

    3. How quick do you believe you supply of WM, decks and uncuts, will last?
  2. 1. Absolutely so. That said, we should have enough to last during the 12 hours of this event.

    2. Since this event is spread out over 12 hours, there's no rush. It starts on Friday morning and lasts until Friday night at 11:00pm EDT. As long as you're within that 12 hour range, and our supply lasts, you should be totally fine.

    3. Both are rare commodities, but we expect both supplies to hold strong throughout this event.

    4. I know there wasn't a fourth question, but I wanted to say that RAPTURE is crazy awesome. The end.
  3. I'm totally stoked for this :)
  4. I'm hoping for rebels, and I'd be excited about Totally out of Control.
  5. Just to prevent any false hope, the mystery releases are neither of those - yet. ;)

    This is a set of something that we have never mentioned - and it hasn't existed to my knowledge in over a century.
  6. We see your hard work!!!I personally don't blaine you guys for the problem at all,it's just you guys produced something too good to be stable!
  7. Hmm. Intrigued.
  8. Although I am looking forward to all the releases the White Monarch situation makes no sense.

    For me to get a WM, I have to spend $50 to get 1 deck. When if you had just released the deck normally I could be spending $50 on getting 6 decks. From a technical stand point, this doesn't make sense.

    That's like saying, "Hey I'll sell you my phone for $50, BUT instead of just selling you just the phone, I'll thrown in a FREE ipod and sell you the phone for $70!!" See, technically not free.
    But eh, I guess that's business, and even though it doesn't make sense, it will work! haha, seeing as I'm probably gonna get suckered into just buying stuff to get my White Monarch deck! =P
  9. no it is free. You are not spending ANY money to get the white monarch you are buying other cool stuff they have for sale and the white monarch is a gift for free. like the ellusionist Free gift thing well this is the same.
  10. Quoted for truth. Why are some people being so rude? Its a limited quantity item, its going to be hard to get. Someone suggested using the AWS cloud to handle traffic. Look at it this way-- its IMPOSSIBLE to be prepared for insane amounts of traffic. Google recently sold tickets to their yearly dev conference, which always sells out within minutes. Every year, including this year, the pages freeze up, server doesn't respond, and its a nightmare to get a ticket. If it was so easy, couldn't Google just go to the cloud?
  11. Well I could care less about the cards being released, but I am excited to see what other products T11 is cooking.
  12. Let's look at it in terms of types of people. Let us imagine that the original WM release windows went over smoothly, and that the current promotion will not be happening (free WM with purchases greater than 50 USD).

    There would be the following groups of people :

    Group A : Those who want to purchase the WM but are not at all interested in purchasing the new releases on Friday.

    Group B: Those who are intending to buy both the WMs and the new releases!

    Group C: Those not interested in WMs, but are planning to purchase the new releases.

    Group D: Those neither interested in the WMs nor the new releases.

    If this is the case, the only people who would have any sort of valid beef with how things turned out, would be people in Group A, as now they will have to purchase things they usually would not be interested in, in order to get something they could have gotten (and wanted) had things gone more smoothly.

    However, I am willing to bet the majority of the people who are upset over the WM giveaway, are not from Group A, but are unable to see the the situation as it really is. For those of you in group C, KUDOS!!! Now you will get a free WM to put up on ebay and further torment those upset with this great promotion! Group D people, keep living on - things are cool. Group B people - NICE EH?? FREE WMs with your purchase!
  13. Thats very good news but ...i would like to say that its only 1 deck... if u can make sth and give 2 decks for every 50$ then will be all happy :D (if u have enough decks) ....Secondly it would better if u give Centurions on friday ;) ahahahah thats nice thanks
  14. Will you ever be selling white monarchs by themselves?
  15. Sigh...

    Instead of just slapping a question on here maybe do some research first? (By research I mean reading a couple of the previous pages...) they already answered this question.
  16. i have to try to convince my parents to let me
  17. Yeah, pretty much. Although Friday is my graduation, so maybe I'll buy myself a present.

    Shall we guess on what they are (the releases)?

    1. Rapture (confirmed)
    2. Insane (confirmed, afaik)
    3. A deck of cards (somewhat confirmed by Lyle in this thread)
    4. Monarch uncuts (we know these are being given away, but this might count as a release?)

    and the last two...I'm stuck :/
  18. I can assume that one release might be the rebel playing cards? If so thats going to be awesome!
  19. I have a question...
    Will the white monarchs being given away this friday be the last of the White Monarchs?
    Or will we be able to buy them for $6.95 again in another window?
  20. I'd thought that too, but nope, on the last page:


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