SIX New Releases + Free White Monarchs - Friday!

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  1. No riddles, just a mystery. ;) I will offer a hint, though! The four other releases are in one set. They are from the past, brought back to the present. Something old in something new.
  2. Quick question guys. Do we have to have 100 dollars of shippable stuff or as long as the subtotal is 100 and there is at least one shippable item??
  3. Exactly. The latter - the subtotal would need to be $50+ or $100+ with at least one shipped item.
  4. btw
    will the white monarch and uncut appear in my shopping cart
    that indicated I will get they before they gone

    or doesn't appear, add by your staff?

  5. Yep! You will see the extra deck or uncut sheet appear in your shopping cart automagically as soon as the $50 or $100 threshold is crossed.
  6. thanks!

    the question before

    I try to add the monarch bottle to my cart
    that I want to calculate the shipping fee
    but are there more than 50 bottle exist?

    because I can add more than 50 bottle :p

    hope get the answer
  7. Well I have something to look forward to on Friday now. How many uncut sheets are there?
  8. How many

    If there are no more riddles and speculation...

    How many decks of White Monarchs were printed?

    and how many uncuts?
  9. Alright bayme. You got my interest. What's insane all about? You don't have to sell me on the creator, I've known who he is for some time. What's the effect details?
  10. Hmmmm....I guess I'll have to pop in this Friday since I don't have to work. Oh wait...I don't ever work a day in the summer because I am a teacher. Ha Ha.

    Any how, I'll definitely be dropping by to see what all gets released.
  11. ..........

    So, no more attempts to release just the withe monarchs? I don't know how great is this "FREE" giving away because without the WM incentive probably not much people will buy whatever they buy to get just one deck, for me the deck will not be free because i own every deck that you sell(in most cases a brick or more), the tricks that i like i have them and i'm not interested in rapture(who knows about the five other things). For me if you really care about us go to the USPCC order a lot more and sell them, just forget about the limited madness, that thing for me, is killing the fun of collecting.One can understand that you want to have something exclusive(even if the cards that we acquire from you have your logo)but because of your lack of knowledge in servers, bandwidth..etc(easily solved with amazon cloud and thats just one of many solutions, and yeah extra money but it was your decision to make a limited deck) we do not get a fair chance to get the WM.So next time think better and think if is worth to make limited decks or put them directly in your reward system buy a $1000 get one deck free who cares, but at least we will know what it takes to get the decks and not to stand like idiots in front of our computers.

  12. Do you really need more than one? I was kind of hoping to buy one myself. Don't be a dick and control the market.
  13. I cannot believe people are complaining about this. You can buy White Monarchs on eBay right now for $75 if you really want them. Or, you can buy $50 worth of stuff from T11, and get the cards thrown in as bonus. Or, you can view it as getting the cards for $50, with a bunch of merchandise thrown in as a bonus. Either way, you're getting a great deal.

    Also, I would think that card collectors would be happy that T11 produced a limited run--what's the fun in collecting things that aren't rare? Do many people collect standard Bikes? The only thing that people can be unhappy about is the fact that the servers went down, for which T11 has apologized over and over and over. Time to get over it, people. This is a stellar deal.
  14. Definitely never said that - this is just an opportunity to get something amazing - extra - FREE - with our six new releases on Friday. Think of it as an extra gift, free, no additional charge. There will definitely be opportunities to get some of these in the future via other means and contests, but they are rare, and they were intended to be limited.

    Our team is more qualified than any other company in magic to meet and beat any technical challenge that comes our way. We have in the past, and we will again. We manage and oversee digital development for The United States Playing Card Company in Cincinnati, as well as our own systems. We have dedicated, extremely savvy developers on staff, but man oh man, handling 50 to 100,000 requests per minute is no simple task. We amplified our servers 500%, and the enormous demand still crushed our systems. To get technical, every iota of data was cached in memory on maxed out servers pushing 8 CPU's and 12GB of RAM a piece, delivered over a secure cloud infrastructure with all static content served over CDN and Amazon S3 origins. ;)

    So yes - we were prepared, but not enough. As with any website, technical problems have come up and will again. What matters most is what happens in response, and our team has been working nonstop over the past two weeks to identify and resolve these issues to ensure it does not happen again. Of course, I do apologize for those issues coming up, and our team was extremely frustrated as well. We're committing to making things right, and our event this Friday (for 12 full hours) is a small part of that promise.
  15. Thanks, Ivensor! Very excited about the new releases this Friday - some great surprises in the works!
  16. Hey T11

    it seems like you missed my 2 questions..

    If there are no more riddles and speculation...

    How many decks of White Monarchs were printed?

    and how many uncuts?
  17. Thank you!

    This guy could not have said it better. I am in 100% agreement. I am really tired of the pathetic whining people have been doing over White Monarchs. Limited items are not supposed to be easy to get. I personally am really excited for this Friday. Theory11 has admitted it's faults and those of us over 12 can understand what they are doing with this release. Don't listen to the haters, those people are just generally miserable and their only desire is to spread their filth and misery to others. Keep up the good work Theory11, you will never be able to make everyone happy anyways so there is no point in trying.

  18. ha

    You have misunderstood

    I just want to get one for collection (I'm not retailer)

    I worry about if there were some system error for qualities
    I might will be cancel my order due to there were not so many bottle

    I think there were some people like me who also want to get bottles :p

    I also hate someone that you say
  19. Hey Jason. Exact quantities have not been announced, but we have said that the decks are among our rarest, and that they will not be reprinted. So what we have is what we will have. But speaking of playing cards, White Monarchs might not be the only thing to look forward to on Friday...

    Be there.

  20. Thanks Lyle

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