SMOKE by Alan Rorrison questions

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  1. I've been debating with myself whether to buy this or not but I realize I need some clarification, if the community can please answer these questions for me?
    1. How many times can someone use smoke till you need to buy more refills for it?
    2. Would it be possible to do this trick in your hand, or do you have to use it in your mouth (but I'm guessing it has to hit water/saliva to work)?
    3. When "used" is it completely clean or are do you still have the "gimmick" in your mouth after?

    Thank you Theory 11 and the awesome community (also a shout out to Lyle for GREAT customer support!),

  2. For 2 and 3 you end clean without the gimmick in your mouth. Also the trick has nothing to do with water but it does only come out of your mouth.
  3. Ok thanks Arman!

    Still need question one answered if anyone can help me out.
  4. for number one, one cartridge lasts for a very long time. when you get the gimmick it already has one cartridge in it and it comes with 4 refills so you wont need to buy more for quite a while.

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