Smoke & Mirrors: Luxury Edition is Coming This Weekend!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. This weekend is going to be BOSS!!
    I will be getting a brick of Smoke and Mirrors' and Reflections WOAH!!!!!
  2. Smoke and Mirrors , Arcane, Genesis, Wow! What a great week for playing cards and cardistry. I'll probably be picking up Smoke and Mirrors, Arcanes, Stingers, and perhaps Genesis depending on the price. I'm also looking to pick up AndThenSome, finally. I was hoping to win it in one of the random contests that seem to all be giving away AndThenSome.
  3. Are these really coming out on Friday? If not so I can invest my money in Something I had in mind.

  4. Is this a permanent release like gaurdians or only a certain amount out.
  5. I know I just bought a massive package and now I am going to miss these.

  6. It's the price!!!
  7. Because the marketing dudes said so. :p

    But I still love them - whatever they're called.
  8. Any one has a link to see these cards or a link where it says they will release tomorrow??? I saw the itricks clinic with Andrei Jikh for an hour and 15 minutes just to see these cards and I never saw Bayne pull those cards out???????

  9. release of cards questionable??

    Until I seen the actual for sale listing or an advertisement post by T11 or D&D about the new cards I wouldn't buy too much into it..

    You know E jsut released the arcanes and ALOT of HYPE and ATTENTION is surrounding the release of the cards..

    It would be a really smart idea to release something liek that this weekend, but for them not to advertise it or hype it up really makes me question whether it will happen at all..

    I would lvoe to get some if it does happen even though I jsut dropped $400usd on arcanes,
    I will have too break into the piggy bank..
  10. FORUMERS are creating the hype. Ellusionist just made a freaking trailer.
  11. You spent 400 USD on Arcanes? Wow. I almost want them to turn out to be bridge-sized plastic made in China cards now.
  12. i had the $$

    I had the $$ so I figured I would get 6 bricks..

    Only 3 white and 3 black..

    I got gross' of other stuff.. I will keep some for myself, trade some, sell some, whatever.. I got gross' and gross' of cards.. I like to collect..

    6 bricks is nothing really..

    All this HYPE and BUILD up for these decks I jsut hope they are worth it.. Evberyone is saying they are a great cards..

    Suppose to be some new stock with different finish and the design looks kool..

    Though I ams ick of the goth looking like SCARY jokers.. It skind of getting old with all these designs being so similar..

    Also am sick of the black cards, all blacks.. I want white bordered cards...

    I can't wait to see what these D&D look like..

    Wouldn't D&D be promoting these since they are their card son their own site??

    I dwouldn't consider this release being 110% 4 SURE thing until you see them for sale... Or get an OFFICIAL statement..
  13. Yeah. I would be surprised if they were markedly different from the previous ones, though, in terms of looks.

    And I hear you about goth jokers. The result is 12 year old punks with baseball caps on backwards thinking they look "hardcore".
  14. It would be a nice change.
  15. I think that they don't need any Hype.
    Everybody knows S&M's and there are dudes who just like them already.

    I would like a pack, hope i will get the money.

  16. I prefer to socialize with friends rather than spend all my money on cards. ;)

  17. Amen to that!

  18. Finally. Thank you!
    Someone who has a life outside of pasteboard
  19. '

    Hmm, either your friends are very evil and greedy, or you are just the most borring person ever... Well, since you are paying them to socialize with you..

    You are saying that you can't buy cards and socialize at the same time?

    LOL... Just LOL..
  20. It takes more than 20 bucks to go out with friends these days. At least in the U.S.
    Friends tend to like to go bowling,out to eat,movies.You know,the obvious.

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