Smoke & Mirrors: Luxury Edition is Coming This Weekend!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Haha, that is HILLARIOUS! :D

    I like to socialize WITH my friends ABOUT cards... If that counts... Haha
  2. I believe it was Eric Cartman from South Park who said "Anything that is fun in this world costs at least $4.95." ;) (The dollar amount may have been different, but I believe it's $4.95.)

    I don't spend money every day. If I did, I'd be in a lot of debt. :p I just don't get that much money weekly. Heck, I'm not gonna have money at all this week since I'm getting Genesis. I'm just saying that I'd rather go out more often with friends rather than spend money on expensive cards.

    Let me put it to you like this.

    I could have $10 in my pocket. I could do one of two things:

    Order a deck of Guardians. With shipping, that would come out to be $10.

    Or I could go out for a nice lunch at a burger place with some friends.

    I'll take the good lunch with friends rather than a fancy deck of cards when I can get Bikes for a little over $1. I smile to myself every time I read that people order insane amounts of "fancy" cards. I'll buy them every once in a while on rare occasions. I'd just rather spend my money on things that will let me enjoy life more. If you have the money though, go for it. If I had mad amounts of money, I'd probably get tons of cards too. The fact of the matter is though, I don't have that kind of money to just throw around on cards. I actually had to borrow $10 from a friend today just so I could get Genesis tonight. Now I'm in debt $10.:rolleyes:

    Believe me, I love my Propaganda deck. I love my Guardians. I love all my E decks. I just love going out more.

  3. Im with you there man
  4. Way to spin my words around.:p

    Well if not buying a gross of Arcanes makes me a boring person, then goodness gracious, I'm the most boring person on the face of this earth!

  5. Why do you assume that AceKing doesn't have the money to purchase cards AND socialize with friends? I guess for someone who has to debate spending $10 on a deck of cards, 6 bricks of Arcanes and Gross' of other stuff might seem a bit over the top. But for people who have worked hard and found their way into a good salary, 6 bricks of cards is chump change. I know someone who spends over $100,000 a year on his son's dirtbike passion. Let's not tear AceKing down because he likes to spend money on cards.
  6. No one quoted ace king directly at all. Or even Doug who was the one that said he'd rather hang with friends than buy more cards as soon as they are released.
  7. Its hard to look at. The back shouldve been just a bit more in focus so it can still be obscure,but not difficult on the eyes.
  8. My apologies as i used the gross of Arcanes as an example. I didn't realize someone actually posted that.:p I can see how I came off as a jerk. lol Well my sincere apologies as I did not mean to directly insult anyone in this thread. I should've read a little more. Anyway, I think at this point I'm coming off as some jerk preaching to other people on how to live their lives. I'd rather not come off that way. If people wish to collect cards, they should do so. It's what they are into. I just think to spend money on them for regular use, or to get a gross of them is a little over the top. I don't have the money for stuff like that. If I did that, I wouldn't have a dime to spend on anything else. So I make the personal choice not to. That's it.

  9. the point is to tease it with out showing it that much, so it was suppose to be out of focus and obscure it to make you want to it more
  10. I mostly agree with you there but theres something else.
    Even if you have the money to buy cards AND go out doesnt mean you should.
    Its totally irresponsible to say "ooh I got money im gonna buy everything and anything" because it just hurts you in the end. Later on your going to wish you had that money you spent on cards. Especially for when your out in the real world like college frat boy Doug here ;) (myself included)
    So at least that bit of advice should be taken into consideration by other people here.
  11. Those sons of guns!!

    No,I get what you mean and agree. But just a little bit sharper so its a bit easier on the eyes. Or maybe its just me.

  12. I apologize, it just seemed to me he was responding directly to what AceKing said.

    Thanks for the advice, but it's unsolicited. You don't know that it will hurt anyone. You don't know people's financial situation. It may turn out to be a great investment for him if they become rare and highly sought after. (unlikely but possible)
  13. Ive been with people/teens who are very very well off and buy anything and everything and they end up in debt,trouble,or regretful. Things like that always happen no matter how much money you have. Its not about this particular issue but being responsible with money and learning moderation in general.
  14. I think the bottom line is to accept advice but take everything with a grain of salt. Here in the forums, I've seen some terrible, terrible advice. I've also seen some brilliant advice that goes unnoticed. As with anything, make the decision for yourself. It's a public forum, and therefore everyone has the right to an opinion. If someone posts something, everyone has the right to respond - including posting advice, whether specifically to the original poster, or generally.

    Again - just think for yourself.
  15. 10 minutes to the big release

    I am excited to see what these cards are going to look like...

    I hope it is a completely different and new design than the others..

    I guess we will soon find out..

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