Smoke & Mirrors v4 by Dan and Dave

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    Hey everyone,

    I did a video review on these. I know my video editing isn't really up to par, but I touched based on some important features of these playing cards.

    Also, William Draven will soon have a nice review of these playing cards as well. So I am definitely looking forward to that.

    Let me know your feedback, I definitely want to know what you all think of these playing cards, don't be shy :)
    (Theory11 Media URL coming shortly once approved)

    // Edit //

    I may be sticking my foot in my mouth on this, but the deck I reviewed was my first deck I opened. After my video review I opened my second deck. My second deck, the entire side of the box was ripped open (though it looked in tact with the wrapper on it). I was pretty upset to find the entire side of the box ripped at the seam. On top of that, my first set of cards stopped fanning after about 5 minutes. They clump horribly. Along with the clumping, my King of Spades has two of the green dots white. I noticed the dots immediately (even though they're tiny).

    I have a feeling I received two defective decks. One with the box mangled, but fans and works beautifully, and a second deck that clumps.

    Looks like I will be putting some fanning powder on them to see if it resolves the issue. I will let everyone know how they fan after I toss some powder on them.


    P.S. - I didn't notice the other S&M v. 4 review when I posted this, so I am sorry, but here is a text review from another Theory11 user -
  2. Mr-Moo,

    Over a hundred people tested the decks at Magic-Con, and I was in a room with about 40 people last night at Dan and Dave's lecture here in NYC. All of whose decks fanned, felt, and looked amazing. Sounds like you've got a defective deck. Contact our support crew and they will make sure this is resolved ASAP.

    As you mentioned the deck looked open, any moisture that seeped inside would and could have absolutely been the root of this issue. Regardless - no sweat - we will make sure this is resolved.
  3. Thanks Bayme, I appreciate the clarification on what could have been the cause of this. I'll make a note on my next order from you guys.

    If it makes a difference, I threw a deck of cards at my wall a few months ago. The side of the box hit the wall perfectly flat, and BAM the box busted at the seam. The bust looks just like the bust on the S&M box I got. I have a feeling it may have been smashed somehow, and as you said moisture or something of that type may have worked its way in.

  4. honestly

    whats up guys honestly my buddy ordered a brick from you guys gave me one of his packs(nice guy), and they feel pretty good but i would of liked to see a black back instead of green. I still like the Luxury edition much better.

    By far my favorite cards for handling and looks for now are the 125th ann. Bycicles and Centurions
  5. A very thorough review. However, it sounded like you didn't have much of a script to work from. There's a lot of 'um', 'uh' and dead time. After I hear 'um' or 'uh' more than a couple times, it's pretty much all I hear. Also, at about 6:31 music comes on right in the middle of your sentence? Is there a reason for that?

    Anyway. Overall a good review, but I think you could do better in the future.
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    I have a perfectly good explanation for all of that... I'm horrid with videos haha. You were spot on, I opened the pack, played with them for about 3 hours, and then made the video. Recorded it from a webcam I use for TinyChat.

    As for the music, my buddy Allen put together a really sick beat (which you heard) but it was only part of a mix that I received from him. So I spliced together 15 8 second beats haha.

    All in fun, right ;)
  7. It looks to me like you got a bad deck. The ad card that I got doesn't have a border around the face of it and is a much darker green. Also, it looks like the face cards have a huge border as well.

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