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  1. Hey guys,

    I'd just like to share a bit about myself

    I developed an interest in Magic in 2007 when I was 13 years old, where I was just obsessed with just learning literally everything related to magic. Initially, I was into everything except cards, I just wasn't a fan of it, probably just thinking all of them are similar to the pick a card and find them by spreading the pack. Meh. As I progressed my search, I stumbled upon the Dan & Dave Trilogy and it just blew me away, thus, spawning my interest in card magic and flourishing (or the 'super cool' term XCM'). Continue it for a few years till 2011, the it kinda got lost between school and university life. I always loved cards during the gap and often picked up a deck and played around with it. Now the past few my interest has re-spawned (probably cause of work life boredom..). I look through Theory11 now and I wonder how it could've died out in the past...
    I'm in love with cards, card designs and everything.
    So yeah just a short intro about me.

    As I'm new to the forums here, I thought I'd just say hi to everyone. Hopefully, Ill get become an active member over time, with the bare minimum knowledge I even have. So until then, SNC will have to suffice:D.

    Also, I'm interested in the card spring, I am good at it and can get a good distance but like any tips on how I can make it better or any resource I can look into for it?
    I want to get it as good as Andrei Jikh's spring where he gets it over his head and all.

    Sorry for the longass post, I blab a lot :p

  2. Welcome to theory 11!

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