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  1. Something wonderful. I can't quite describe it but here goes.

    I woke up, warmed my knuckles up as i do every day and began flourishing and practicing magic. i did all the usual things i do as well, but at about midday i suddenly stopped.

    Stopped everything i was doing and picked my deck up, but even though i had it in my hands a few minutes before, this time something was different.

    I just sat there with my cards and didn't move, i just felt a complete elation that i had started this wonderful art (or rightly said; two arts), and spent the next hour watching every magic and flourishing video i could to draw as much inspiration as possible.

    I don't know what sparked it, but it was nothing like when i first began magic 3 months ago. That was a feeling of excitement and anxiety, but this felt like i had just understood what magic was really about, and it gave me the most exhilirating feeling i have ever felt.

    The next thing i did was order Daniel Madison's book Inside, which i had been meaning to get a month ago.

    I guess it was me making a pact with myself that i would study magic by all means possible for the rest of my life, whether it be my main focus or just a hobby.

    I thought i would share this with you guys and hope that it may give out some of the inspiration i recieved today.

    Magic is not materialistic, magic is everywhere.
  2. I had a similar experience recently. I just got a fascination for studying the performance theory and getting into the classic magic. It was a whole turnaround from what I thought before. It was great too, and Irving Quant helped spark that love for magic history. I am very thankful he's been pushing it through, and hopefully others will love to study it like I have and many others have. It's just great, I can't describe it.
  3. Man thats sweet that you had a similar experience! Like we both said its hard to describe, but i found it was a mix between realising the real meaning of what magic is about, and have a new found dedication to improve.
  4. I mean, I've been into magic for 2 years, and its taken me longer to realize. It was good that I realized a while ago, otherwise I have no idea where I could be now. It's great you stopped to think about your magic and magic itself. Hats off to you my friend. :)
  5. That is really good. What is even more important is that in the times when you get sick of it, and you will get sick of it, that you come right back to that moment and pick the cards back up again.

    I hope you do. Because after than you will be stronger than ever.
  6. Well while we are speaking about strange experiences we had today, this one is not really related to magic but whatever. I got up from the couch after watching a little bit of TV (Like 20 min) and when I started to walk forward my vision just like disappeard and I fell forward. Thankfully there was a chair in front of me. I immediately felt fine and could function just as normal, but it was a weird feeling.
  7. thats because you stood up to fast and didnt drink enough water, that happens to me all the time. Dont worry it about it haha :p
  8. Same here. Irving Quant has really inspired me to get into classic magic and theory, and now I have more respect for the art than ever before.

    I have also been having little bursts of inspiration more often, usually when I'm listening to a beautiful song or something. I just go pick up my cards and flourish to the music. It is these moments that I come up with my best ideas and learn to love the art. I believe that music takes cards to a new level, making it more than just showing off. Like I've heard many people say before: you cannot force inspiration, you can only accept or reject it when it comes to you.

  9. Exactly! I get this too, you pick up the cards and the music takes you someplace and you just play with the cards and everything flows. Its fantastic.

    @Faust - Im sure it will help me when that happens, so far in magic everything that has happened has shown me more and more that this is something i will never give up.

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