Special Announcement : Wynn Decks - Limited Supply Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. How long did it sell out this time?
  2. In about 6 minutes...

    That may seem like a long time, but really, it's not. Still pretty fast!

    Congrats all!
  3. Hey Guys!!!

    I timed it this time...

    Sold out in about 6 minutes. On the dot at 12:06.

    Congrats to everyone who got some.

    Stay awesome.

    Katie Egleston
  4. I felt like I was bidding on ebay. Refreshing the page and waiting for the auction to end. But this time I was waiting for it to start. 12 are on the way.
  5. Lol I ordered another brick 45 mintues ago. They sold out in like 1 and a half minutes or less I'm guessing, but I got a receipt. So I have a brick arriving tomorrow then this brick I just bought will probably arrive in a week.

    24 decks and I'll only open one and see how many years it'll last.
  6. I just "blindly" bought 6 decks. How are they comparable to the Jerry's?

    I've heard all the hype about them being the "next" Jerrys. So is this myth or truth?
  7. Well they are certainly getting hyped up to be like jerries.
    I have no idea whether they hanlde good though.. :p
  8. 6 min.?, wow, the time is getting longer to sell out. mabey for some of you sleepy heads at the end of the week you will have a little extra time to get some decks if you dose off a bit!:D

    good luck tonight to all!!
  9. I literally just got my hands on my brick of Wynns that arrived today. I wish the best for the ones going at it tonight!

    Shane K.
  10. Is it right in saying its about 6 hours to go?
  11. Yes. From the time of this post, there are 5 hours and 34 minutes to go before the Wynns' quantities are reset to 250.
  12. Mad :p

    Thanks for that!

    Hopefully will finally be able to pick some up
  13. i ordered mine on sunday night and i still didnt get them

  14. I ordered mine on Friday night and still don't have em' :)
  15. Is anyone else having a problem with the USPS tracking system? It says "electronic shipping info received" but also says that does not confirm actual shipping? It's said that since Monday (December 3rd), and frankly, I'm getting kind-of worried that both packages have been lost somewhere in either the USPS or Theory 11 warehouses =\....that, or just the USPS is being overwhelmed with shippings and not updating shipping info on the website.

    I guess I'll find out by Monday (or sooner if Jon happens to see this, although I'm not going to submit a ticked for something that is probably either paranoia or the USPS's fault).


  16. Its says that when they (postal workers) don't scan them upon pickup. It will stay that way until they are delivered. It happens quite often with me. Mine were listed like that until today when they were delivered. Mine took an extra day for delivery due to holidays I guess.

  17. Exactly 30 minutes until the quantities refresh...

  18. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I can finally stop refreshing that page every "evening"...and because no one knows what that means, I end up refreshing 10 times a day...

    Thanks again,
  19. Quantities reset, people! Get 'em while they're hot!
  20. Excuse me for the following, but:



    Yup, a brick of 12 is coming to me, order dated
    December 7, 2007 | 12:01:36am EST

    Can't. Wait.

    But was I fast or slow? What does your recipt say?


    P.S. I'll be doing it all over again tomorrow!!

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