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  1. So, for about... I don't even know how long. 5 or 6 months now, I've taken a break from magic. Yes, that's a long time, but I still played with cards, I just didn't learn anything new, or performed. But I guess you could say, I maintained the memory of the basics. Or some of the basics. But starting over, from such a long time, after forgetting so many moves, presentations, what would be some tips from you guys?

    I really do want to start again, in fact, I've gotten some new material lately, and have been starting on that, but I have a feeling, I need to go back to the basics. The beginning all over again, and while I'm at it, I could look at it as an opportunity, and see what would be some good, fundamental, beginner material you would recommend, as I'm starting over, I could approach all of this from a different perspective, and different style, with hopefully a better and stronger foundation.

    Thanks for reading, and any tips!
  2. starting over is always very important. I haven't taken a break yet, but I've been sure to kick myself and go back and relearn. Because I know, I may practice some of the hardest moves, but when I go perform... I know I'm mostly using a double lift or a false shuffle. Get some cheap books, like Royal Road To Card Magic, if you don't have it already, and make sure you have those down. You really don't need too much more than what's in there. Everything else is just the whipped topping.

    I know my approach to magic changed completely after picking up The Art Of Astonishment series by Paul Harris. It changed my entire outlook. And it's a fun read. I recommend that to get you motivated to get back into magic.

    It's always stressful starting up even if it's again. There are thousands of books and dvds before you... where to begin. Am I even doing this right? etc... Just get the basics and fundamental moves down, and go from there. Enjoy the ride. Laugh and your audience will laugh with you. You'll learn who you are, then it will be easier to know what to pick up next.
  3. You didn't mention what material you already had, so I'm simply going to echo AsherF's recommendation of the basic books like Royal Road to Card Magic.

    Also, are you focusing on just cards or are you learning a variety? Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic is an excellent beginning book. Joshua Jay's book Magic is good as well.
  4. The Tarbell Course in Magic is a great series for people just coming in, and for those with experience. It covers everything, but it a bit price running about 200 bones if you want to go through the complete course (which you should)
  5. (new) modern coin magic (j.b. Bobo)

    Royal Road to Card Magic (Hugard and Braue)

    Fundamentals (Bob Cassidy)

    once you get those down (which will take many moons my young magic brave) try these

    Expert Card Technique (Hugard and Braue)

    Expert Coin Magic (David Roth)

    Practical Mental Magic(Theodore Anneman)

    after you finish those and i'm still not past those. haven't made it through Bobo's yet

    Expert at the Card Table (S.W. Erdnase)

    if you can do all the coin work in the above mentioned books. you can handle any coin DVD on the market. even Sick by Ponta the Smith

    13 Steps by Corinda

    the mentalism books aren't from experience its just what i've heard from guys like D ICE R and Praetoritevong (i hope i got that right) i do own practical mental magic. and i still haven't been able to learn anything from it.

    if you make it through all of the above mentioned material. you my sir are a god.
  6. Agreed, if you do get through all of the material you will have more than a great handling of Coin and Card Magic, with a solid foundation for Mentalism.

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