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  1. hi, i would like to start CARD magic, and was wondering where to start ? This seems like a great site. Which deck should i get ?
  2. as far as the card magic Royal Road to Card Magic is a great resource. So is Expert at the Card Table. Deck's wise buy a brick of Tally ho's or bicycle's. here's a good cheap site

    dont get into buying the custom cards until you have the basics down. you will destroy several decks just getting basics stuff. plus you cant beat a good deck of bicycle's. as far as custom decks for major perfomances my favorite's are the Ghost deck, or the Centurion's. hope this helped
  3. Card College if you can afford it, Royal Road to Card Magic (check out my awesome review) if you can't.
  4. Buy a bicycle

    Buy a bicycle deck, or two of them, or three... You'll be destroying a lot of these :)
    Buy a standard deck, red or blue, poker size.
    Now, I started my cardistry (flourishes, etc.) with Ellusionist's Xtreme Beginners... It's not bad, and the fanning tutorial is actually really good. I dunno if I'd recommend the whole set, though. Don't start from things like The Trilogy... It might be tempting, but cover the basics before moving to more advanced flourishing.
    Sleights you can learn from all sort of places, if you want to really get down and start from the base, there's Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights... It's a huge project, 8 DVDs, each about 100 minutes, and it is the most complete cover I've ever seen of basic card sleights, including controls, forces, changes, shuffles, double lifts, cuts, and many other things. I really recommend it.
    And remember - always practice what you learn, and practice a lot!
    Have fun :)

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