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  1. Hello I have been playing around with a routine with the stay stack called Marlos Matching Routine, its a great routine and I have been performing it, and people seem to really like it. What are some other tricks/routines with the stay stack.

  2. I would pick up Juan Tamariz book on the subject. It;s pricey but worth it.
  3. Mnemonica By Juan Tamariz It shows you how to get staystack from new deck order and killer effects making the deck jump back to new deck order for a finale!

    The price tag IS pretty large but the info in the book will last 20 life times.

    The Mnemonica stack is also a very useful tool if you get it memorized!
  4. Get Mnemonica by Juan's totally worth it!
    In my opinion, the Tamariz stack is one of the most useful tools you can have...
  5. Put in the work to memorize Mnemonica. It took me 3 weeks to have it fully memorized and around 2 months to have it to the point of instant recall. If you have that in your arsenal and a solid repertoire of sleight of hand moves, the possibilities are staggering. Mnemonica also includes a ton of great routines and a whole "utilities" section where Tamariz gives the basics on some of his most useful moves.

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