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  1. In the dvd "fast company" the last move shown on the first disc is a move called the Steve Forte riffle cull. A spectator can name any four of a kind and you give the deck a few shuffles and locate the four of a kind they named. Here is a performance by steve forte. at :55. Sadly on the dvd Damien didn't teach the move:(. I was wondering if there are any books or dvds that teach riffle culling. Or if steve already released this move somewhere.
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    I'm going through a few things now, I'm not sure... spending some time on google I found a few things, idk if you are only looking for Steve Forte's version or not.
    it looks like Karl Fulves has a book entitled Riffle Shuffle Methods and the table of contents lists a riffle culling method, 'The Count's Inquisition of Shuffling and Dealing Number II' came up in the search as well. NOTE: I haven't read, purchased, nor viewed any of the said products so I don't endorse them to be helpful, quality, or resourceful. Anyways, if I hear or come across anything more helpful I'll let you know. As far as Fast Company goes, how was it? I came across it a while ago and been interested.
  3. Thank you for the info. I'm looking riffle culling in general but am curious mostly on steve's version. As for fast company it's great. It goes over alot of different moves. Most of them are false shuffles and table hops. There really isn't much stacking though which was a bit of a disappointment but other than that it's great. The second disc is basically a bunch of ace cutting routines and a few tricks like larry jennigs invisible palm and three card monte. Overall I think that it's a great set.

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