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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EugeneSoh, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys! I have a student magician now.... Hahaha!
    where should i start? the last time i taught a kid a double lift and hes still having trouble! haha so where should i begin (of course the basics), but like a DL or... anything basically. thanks again guys!
  2. False cuts and shuffles.

    Control a card to the top and bottom of the deck.

    Basic forces.

    That and a double lift is pretty much all I know, and it's lasted me over thirty years. ;)
  3. Some forces and controls, a few self working tricks, but before getting into any of that make sure they know how to handle a deck of cards properly. =/
  4. Force him to walk around with a deck of cards (no case) in his hands for like a week. It'll quickly teach him how to hold and handle cards, making him more comfortable with the deck. Then shuffling, (overhand, riffle) cuts (false and for reals) and then sleights like DL and controlling the card

    just my $0.02
  5. Lend him your copy of card college volume one and after a week request a performance of the tricks in the first "tricks" section. Next week, the second section. etc. Conclude each performance with an evaluation of what went well and what didn't. Request repeats of the tricks you think need work with the next performance.

    After that, see where the process goes.
  6. before you teach him anything hard make sure he can do everything perfectly or else he will ruin your rep
  7. how about asking him to buy "CARD FUNDAMENTALS : Volume One
    by aaron fisher" :p
  8. Make sure they have good control of their hands... I once was in the same position as you and after a week or two the kid couldn't even swing cut. I taught him the erdnase color change, and I told him to practice it ALOT untill he performs... and the next thing I know, all my usual specs know how to erdnase..

    I gave up.

    Anyways, good luck to you :D

  9. i am also a magician student as i know many magic and i learned all of this from TV show and books . actually i find pleasure when i do so. i know little type of magic but i wanna learn big magic such as cut the man and join him again . i think it is risky for me. sometimes i thought when i cut him and can't join so what will happen .ok, thanks
  10. Hello Eugene, just take a step back and try to look for one or two (not more) things you would like to teach. Kevins tipp sounds great btw. or maybe let him walk around with a coin palmed in each hand for two days . I recommend Giobbi or J.B.Bobo to start if you search for basic methods to teach. :/ Just don´t overburden him with 20 Tricks you love and then see him fail to learn any of them properly. It takes practice. Lots. So Shodans tipp makes the most sense.- Make him show, how much he learned. Normally if he fails to produce resusults he only is interested in the "how it works" - I personally had bad experiencces with "students" and only offer against payment now,so there is an exchange of "worth". Most of the students I had and came in contact with before that jumped off after one or two months. So be careful.
  11. This is a pretty old thread, I'm going to close it.
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