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  1. What would happen if one were to bring a Sub Rosa deck into a casino? Would they get caught? Hypothetically speaking of course.
  2. It would either get confiscated or you'd be told to leave. What would you need with a deck of cards in a casino?
  3. You may or may not be caught but I think the second you pull any cards out you'll be asked to leave.
  4. In short - you would not be able to. And they would probably laugh at you for trying. This is also not a tool that you should use to cheat with.
  5. OK, if everyone says it's too amazing, I guess I'll just have to get it to understand how awesome it is if the price is worth even higher than $34.95. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. I have the pleasure of gaffing the Subrosa decks for theory11. I too had my doubts about the low price, but truth be told I am glad the theory11 client base now has access to this amazing utility. You don't even want to know what I use to charge for the elite cards I use to offer lol.
  7. It really depends on the context you are going to use it for. I've known about this technique before and still hardly use it (if ever)

    this technique depends on a lot of things outside of just the 'Technique'. i am NOT trying to discourage you from purchasing this, knowledge is vital and you may live for this technique, we are all different performers
  8. So laymen won't be able to detect the secret but casino workers will?
  9. Unless they're a true expert in the field of advanced card cheat techniques, they'll notice absolutely nothing.
  10. I wouldn't think casino workers could detect it.
  11. Definitely not - but don't try this is in casino. Entertainment use only, of course.
  12. They wouldn't let you bring a deck of your own to use into a casino at all. It's not because they could detect it (which they definitely won't), but if you're a casino owner and someone brought their own deck to try and use wouldn't you be suspicious immediately? I'd throw them out right away.
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  13. Don't worry, I'll get it.

  14. Thank you for the information. If you're wondering, I wasn't planning on purchasing Sub Rosa to cheat, rather I was trying to gauge how deceptive it is.
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  15. It's worth way more than $35. It serves as a setup to most anything your want to perform, and provides that 100% "foolability" to convince the spectator the cards are mixed (because they are). Price should not be a concern here. I'd pay way more for Jason's detailed explanation.
  16. Also remember, if you are using this deck for gambling "exhibition" you wouldn't be stacking your hand, you'd be stacking a friends lol. But thats another dvd :)
  17. It's funny how all the T11 people jump in immediately. What about the vox populi?
  18. I knew of the technique before, it's an intriguing technique, best suited for sitting with a Table... i don't believe it's the Holy Grail of card magic or technique, but others may live for it. it depends on your Atmosphere and Routines etc
  19. We jumped in because we've been testing and using this concept for months in collaboration with Jason on this project. But by all means - don't just take our word for it. Plenty of reviews have already been posted:

    "Man oh man... after watching this, I 100% understand why Jason England did NOT want to talk about it. I've worked with a lot of methods for controlling cards that are "similar" to this but this has just melted my brain. I've heard rumors and whispers about this technique since I got into magic but I've never met someone who was able or willing to explain the secret to me. Sub Rosa has just changed the game for real. I'm using this from now on. If you're wondering or skeptical about this, GET IT... but DON'T TELL ANYONE. Boosh." - Blake Vogt

    "This is incredible. I saw this once before from a real card cheat over 10 years ago. I'm glad that Sub Rosa is available as a resource for me to learn the technique behind this unique and underground move. There are unlimited uses for this technique - however, just like Jason says, please keep this as one of the true secrets left in magic." - Teddy Meagher

    Yesterday live on Exposé, Jason demonstrated some raw, uncut applications of the concept - dealing four aces (followed by four kings!) from a shuffled deck. The spectator can shuffle and examine the deck before, during, and after using this technique. By every definition: this is the real deal.
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    I don't want to fish for the answer (How is it done?) here: This technique sounds, by your various answers, like something I can accomplish with a special (punch), or a daub of roughing fluid. I will probably end up buying it ('cause, like one of my co-workers calls me, I'm somewhat of a (edited for language). So, convince me that I won't be buying just a new packaging of something I already have.
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