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  1. So when submitting a trick either to the Market page or the main Magic Tricks page do you have to film and edit the video yourself or does Theory 11 do that for you?
  2. I belive you have to do it.
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  3. For the Marketplace you have to shoot all the footage, do all the editing, and do all the promotion work yourself. To get on the main page, sometimes Theory11 will produce it and other times they will put on products like Double Cross and Revolution that already had been produced.
  4. You have to do it yourself. In the submit a trick section you film yourself doing the trick and if Theory 11 likes it then they work out a deal with you. This may involve them producing it or filming it with you.

    The odds of this happening is very slim though. Theory 11 has a very solid group of successful magicians that they can release magic with, it's not impossible to get your trick accepted but it isn't too likely.
  5. What Tyler said. Depends if you want to self publish or have T11 sponsor you.
  6. Ok so let say I want to submit a trick to the market do I have to have a already edited video trailer for theory to see before its put out or a simple backyard video of performing it work?
  7. Either should suffice.
  8. Just remember, the better the video quality, the more of them you will sell ;)
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