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  1. So when submitting a trick either to the Market page or the main Magic Tricks page do you have to film and edit the video yourself or does Theory 11 do that for you?
  2. If you wanna publish it in the main part, you just give them the idea and if it is worthwhile, THEY make the tutorial and trailer and edit the stuff, but in the marketplace it is just you. You have to make and edit the video and if they consider it worthwhile, they just publish it.
  3. theory11 allows for TWO different kinds of publication.

    1. The Marketplace. You create, film, edit, and publish your own trick. You get to do all the work, but you also control all of the creative decisions. You keep a high percentage of your sales as your royalty. You can publish this trick elsewhere.

    2. The Submit a Trick page. This is where you submit your idea to become an official theory11 production. It is MUCH, MUCH harder to be approved here - we decline most ideas sent to us. We only take the ideas here that we feel are EXCEPTIONAL. In most cases, you simply send us a preview video showing theory11 what your trick is. theory11 will film, edit, and publish your trick. You will have a lower royalty percentage, but your trick will have a wider audience. In most cases, you cannot publish this trick elsewhere.

    I hope that helps.

    // L
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  5. does the trick have to work off a new principle (i mean sleight of hand move) or can it use older ideas in a new way?
  6. No one can tell you how your trick needs to be done. Use whatever method you want. 99% of older moves/principles never become obsolete, different ways are developed to do them.

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