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  1. While i may be the only one that think's this would be a good idea, i think Theory11 should post a new trick of chris kenner doing and teaching the Sybil Cut, alot of cardistry artist's know this i still think it would be nice to see the creater of the cut teach it and show it with all the little thing's he learned while doing it, i think it would be a good idea.
  2. I don't really see the point in that. The Sybil Cut has been studied for a pretty long time and Chris Kenner's isn't even the best version of it. It's more of a base cut which could be found just about anywhere. Daniel Madison has messed with it, Brian Tudor messed with it, Dan and Dave messed with it, Ekaterina messed with it. They sorta covered everything to do with the cut
  3. He is the creator of the move it is something to see and it'll be enjoyable and as for brian and ekaterina im not big fan's of either of them.
  4. I seem to recall several years ago that T11 announced they were making Kenner's book, "Totally Out of Control" into a DVD. I wonder what happened to this project? It would have covered Sybil since it was published in the book.
  5. I really don't like Brian Tudor, but that's mainly because of his general attitude. But no one can deny what he did for cardistry, there wouldn't be a dan and dave without Brian Tudor. And Ekaterina is...Ekaterina. She's good, but not the best. I only used her as an example because of her awesome sybil variation. Might just be personal opinion, but I don't see what publishing an official "Chris Kenner Sybil" video would accomplish.
  6. I was watching the trailer for that just the other day, disappointing that it never came about.
  7. Personally I think seeing a tutorial by Kenner on the Sybil cut would be amazing. The insight into how he created it and his methods of teaching it plus the fact that He may know so many variations that have not been taught before that he could showcase and teach. Besides its the classic Frankenstein Creator and Creation story.

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