T.O.S.T. by Sasha Crespi

Oct 29, 2011
Hey Guys!

You may have seen me on the Forums, adding some of my ideas to effects such as The Clarity Box, The SpeedLoader Plus Wallet, the F1 Nitro, ..

Well, today I present my first official release! You shall be seeing a lot more of me in the future, but for now, welcome to T.O.S.T.!

Imagine combining a book test and a tossed out deck, but with objects that you already have on you and that seem 100 % organic.
Imagine also performing this with borrowed objects from your spectator with no prior setup and no stooging.

There is a factor in this routine that makes it a lot more fun but also a lot more logical.

I have constructed a routine which not only makes sense, but also builds.

Never need to take the objects back
Can be borrowed
Impromptu or improvised
It makes sense to pass from one phase to the next
Several versions taught

Additionally, I include my D.A.D. principle. It allows you to ask someone to think of a song, book, movie,... And ask them to think of ANY LINE in that song, movie, poem, ... You instantly reveal the line with NO FISHING. They can confirm you are accurate.

I am NOT saying there is anything wrong with Mr. Hoy's effect. At all. for me, this is a completely different routine. I teach improvised and impromptu methods. 1 person or more (I do it for more). I will be honest, you could easily use this for stage but I find it to be a lot more appropriate to do this in a relaxed situation.

Once again, no stooging, borrowed objects or even no objects for the D.A.D. principle!

Let me explain what I have to offer. I've been vague with the description not because I want to scam you, but it's because one of the things I am offering is the objects/phases. For me, it's the strongest impromptu effect I perform, when I truly have nothing on me but what almost all human beings have.

You are also getting a cool principle you can apply to a book test or just an impromptu effect to make it seem a lot more impossible. You are getting many ideas on how to interchange the objects you are revealing.

There are NO cards in this routine. No cards in sight (that was one of the things I wanted to eliminate). This does NOT use a book! It only uses items you are probably using right now, this allows you to do a book test in an extremely logical way with no physical words. It's a "thought of" book test.

This routine is not for the beginner mentalist, you must definitely have some experience in the field. It's not hard per se, but you definitely want to have already played with similar things. Technically, the routine is self working.

I'm sorry you are buying something without knowing much about it, a refund is the best I can do if you truly hate it, but I don't think you will. I am here to share something I love with you. I truly believe you will use it often.

The price is 12 $. PM me if you'd like some more information on how to purchase! I am here to answer any questions you may have!
Oct 29, 2011
Isaac, unfortunately It won't. I might for the people who purchase it, but not for the general public as one of the main things I'm offering is the presentation. Don't worry though, it's super clean and there is nothing hidden. It will fool you Magician Friends.
Oct 29, 2011

Ok Guys! Deal for all of those who haven't bought T.O.S.T. yet or are indecisive! (This will be free+ some extra stuff for people who supported me first!)

Anyone here who purchases T.O.S.T. from any retailer will receive a free pdf. revealing two effects: both levitation/balance type effects and both either impromptu or just examinable (no threads, magnets, glue, ...)

There ya go! Keep in mind, you won't get it right away, whenever those are written up, I will send them to you! (probably this month).

You can purchase T.O.S.T. here!
or here!

Just send me a message with proof of purchase by this Thursday (tomorrow) and I will put you down!


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Nov 24, 2012
I actually really recommend this effect! It such an original and new take on an old effect with completely different methods (as its technological!) For only $15, so worth it! :D
Oct 29, 2011
Hey Guys!

Long time no see! I've been extremely busy working on some stuff, one of them being a DVD that might come out very soon.

Thank you so much for the all the support on T.O.S.T.!

Well, I want to give those of you who hadn't had the chance to get the pre-order deal a small chance. Until this Wednesday, buy T.O.S.T. right here and you shall get my newest pdf. Unwrapped completely free! This has not been finished yet, but it should be this month (end of October hopefully!). http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4638

Just send me an email with proof of purchase and I will make sure to put you down on a list!

just make sure to buy it right here! http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/4638

Thanks again guys!
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