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  1. Luis de Matos doesn't do anything "halfway." Everything he touches turns to magically delicious gold. A rock star in Europe, Luis is a champion of bringing magic to the masses through countless television specials and arena tours to audiences of 30,000+.

    But this isn't just about Luis - it's about 33 other individuals. It's about Cyril Takayama, Jason England, Bill Kalush, Gaetan Bloom, Guy Hollingworth. It's about Marco Tempest, Max Maven, Lennart Green. And more importantly, it's about you. It's about enhancing YOUR magic - your knowledge - your passion. In two weeks, these minds and more will converge in Portugal in the first online magic conference - EMC. You can watch 33 of the best and brightest from the comfort of your living room.

    In March, Dan and Dave alongside theory11 produced Magic-Con in San Diego - which was referred to by many as the most significant magic conference in the past decade. But not everyone can travel to see a conference of the sort. Flights and hotels are NOT cheap. That's where EMC shines - you don't have to go anywhere. You're already there.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have zero financial interest in EMC - it is setup as a nonprofit. But I have great interest in encouraging intellectual debate and advancement in magic. And for that reason, I recommend that everyone reading this sign up for EMC if you are serious about your magic and improvement thereof. It's dirt cheap - $75 to watch 33 presentations - and you even get a DVD at the end of it all with all of the presentations. It's a ridiculous value, and Luis is a saint for doing it.

    We'll be covering the events of the conference in detail over the coming weeks - the event starts July 15th. Until then, mark your calendars and get involved. For more information, check out www.essentialmagicconference.com. Trust me, you will not regret it.
  2. What about all the serious magicians who will be at tannens magic camp that week? (the camp runs from July 10 to 17)

    Should we just get the DVD, or?
  3. Registration includes access to the videos online for a full year - so no worries there. You'll also receive all of the presentations on DVD, so if you'd prefer to watch them on your big screen TV, you're covered.
  4. I registered a little while back and realized I won't be at home for those three days. Still, I look forward to viewing the presentations later and the DVDs add a tremendous value. It's got to be a great event.
  5. JB I have a few questions if you would not mind answering;

    What is the cost on shipping the DVD as I have limited access to the Internet outside of my phone.

    That's all for now that I think about it

  6. D ICE -

    Shipping on the DVD's is INCLUDED with cost of registration. So you're getting access to watch the presentations live, a full year of access to the EMC site to watch them later, a DVD of all of the presentations (and more), and shipping of the DVD - for $75. Whaaaaaat?! It's an amazing deal.
  7. Really excited about this. Completely revolutionary approach that gives everyone the ability to learn magic from around the world. I can't wait.
  8. I just wanted to show my support for The EMC and encourage everybody in the Theory11 community to get involved. This is an amazing opportunity to witness, learn from and interact with some of the worlds greatest minds in the deceptive arts; gatherings of this caliber are rare and not to be missed.

    Luis de Matos, Marco Tempest and David Britland have shared a passionate idea and put together a commendable non-profit event for the art of magic, and it’s all for you… By attending you’re getting far more than your moneys worth, live videos to watch in the comfort of your own home; on-demand videos after the event and a DVD set of every lecture. It’s a world’s first in magic and something you should all be excited about. Much respect to the organizers and everybody involved.

  9. Got to sign up :D Hefty price, but it'll be worth it all... Just watching the videos interviewing different magicians is already worth the 75 dollars even without the lectures. I can't wait for July 15!
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    Hardly a hefty price for what you are getting. Look at the lineup!

    You are getting live access to the conference. You are getting video access for a year. You are getting the whole works on DVD. Most importantly, you are getting this conference directed at YOU. It's not just performances. It is the best of the best teaching you how to become better.

    I'm in.

  11. This is really quite exciting, and I hadn't heard of this before. Thanks JB!
  12. In the mood for a mini Saturday Night Contest! How about this? First person to respond to THIS post gets free access to EMC. Tick tock tick tock...
  13. Wow! Less than 10 seconds later! Check your PM's for an access code. Congrats - enjoy it.
  14. YES! So glad I decided to leave the browser open while I watched Kick Ass.
  15. Nice.....have fun.
  16. I'm sure I will, thanks!
  17. Well it did say respond to THIS post! And I quoted it...so.....haha.

    Congrats to Chris, I wont be attending (no money). Hope you have a good time man. :)

  18. I didn't think I'd get to attend either, for the same reason. Looks like I'll be kicking the roommate off the computer for those three days. Better let her know now so she can plan her facebooking appropriately.
  19. Haha well glad you get to attend man. I'd kill to be in your position. Okay, maybe not kill, but you know what i mean ;)

    I have to kick my brother off from Facebook every time there is something exciting going on. Or he is a dick and wont get off. haha.

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