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t11.bulletin : Incredible Magic Opportunity - Shanghai


theory11 artist
Sep 1, 2007
Hey All,

I am currently in Shanghai working on an incredible project with Armando Lucero and I wanted to pass on a great opportunity for any and all qualified magicians. We are basically looking for great close up magicians from all over the world to perform in a new and prestigious environment. Here is a link for the application:

If you think you've got the goods or know anyone that does, please let us know! Due to the nature of the space only magicians 18+ will be considered.

Oct 16, 2007
Centreville Va
i would love to apply for this but it says you need 5 years of performance credit and i have 7 but i dont perform professionally i just do walk around and thing like that.
I'm obviously interested in the opportunity. With that, however, I noticed the application doesn't state when the performance gig will actually occur though-- it says applicants should be prepared for an interview from 10-14 March. I have various other obligations-- to include another full-time job that I would have to plan around. Can we get some more details?

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