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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Can you please tell me why I can't see the blog? It says I don't have permission, even though I'm logged in....
  2. Hey T11 crew, sorry to add another minor bug, when on the blog page, the layout is a bit off (using Chrome) the title bar and the "new post" button is mostly covered.

    My attachments isn't working or I'd attach the screen shoot.

    You can see it here: http://forums.theory11.com/blog.php?209-Justin.Morris
  3. Posting from IE8 now,

    I just fixed playing videos in IE8, and some other bugs in the Basket that should make the checkout process easy now.

    The Tricks page also loads now.

    The Blog section isn't actually supposed to be open :) This is a feature we were trying to disable.
  4. heh, then I will stop tinkering with it. ;)

    Is that also the case with the articles?
  5. The new theory11 site search is now functional! Give it a shot and search for your favorite trick, deck, or even media section video and find it instantly. It is not yet implemented on all pages, but you can demo it on our main page: http://www.theory11.com
  6. This isn't so much a bug as much as it is something you might not want to include. When viewing a video ante-load, if the inital play fails, it will display the link to the video file. Although this isn't necessarily bad (and a completely useful developer feature), it makes it simple to download videos and may be something you want to enable.

    The site is better as time goes on and bugs are eliminated.

    How much higher was traffic on site re-opening compared to normal days?
  7. where exactly is the battle section?
  8. The battle section has been discontinued, at least for now. We take great pride in our work and innovations that come along with it, but this feature didn't seem to get the traction we hoped it would. So we thought we would be the first to suck it up and say hey, that didn't work as well as we thought, and move along. We've got plenty of other ideas up our sleeves!
  9. Just wanted to point out that I cannot add an avatar to my account, and that in Firefox there's still no Favicon (the little picture between the home button and URL)

    Other than that, I'm starting to dig the new design more and more. Kind of a shock at first, but I like the main page, and the forums are starting to grow on me. Awesome job all around staff.

  10. Sorry about that - will definitely get the avatar functionality working tomorrow. We fixed a TON of bugs today and are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Be sure to check out the new site search on the main page. For now, it is approaching 4:00am and I must get to sleep!
  11. JB , what happened to the wire ?
  12. To re-design and re-haul this site is a massive amount of work. The T11 team deserves a lot of thanks and credit for not resting on their success and for continuing to want to improve and find new ways to stay fresh. From a customer standpoint and a community member standpoint this is really appreciated.

    From previous experience I understand all the little painful details and unexpected things that can come up when you undertake a project of this magnitude. This looks great. Looking forward to T11's future.
  13. Can't that also mean that the end is near? Like "I see the light"?

    Just kidding. Just wanted to do that.
  14. Just another suggestion (to make that tunnel a tad longer....) ;)

    When I scroll to the bottom of a thread, it would be nice if I didn't have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to go back to the main section (ie. general discussion). If there was a link at the bottom to click on to go back, that would be convenient. (To be honest, I don't remember what it was like on the old forums)

    Just a thought!

    Enjoying the new site.
  15. hmm....I just joined like a few days ago so I am 100% unbiased....I liked it more before...Why is that cart thing taking space in my browser???....I don't want to buy anything..is there a way to make it go away in the forums section?
  16. Being biased is being more partial to something, or having a better opinion of something. Saying you're 100% unbiased then stating you liked it more before would be contradicting yourself, correct?

    Regarding the cart thing, I'm not sure you can remove it I certainly see no way too, but you'll get used to it. I personally think it's useful, but it'd be nice to have an option that toggles it in and out of view or something...
  17. bring back the one on one section it helped separate dvds and smaller tricks
  18. Hey guys, I have been a member here since the beginning. Maybe what I'm about to say is due to the fact that I've been used to what the site was like before, but I'm still going to say it.

    Aside from the new releases (which look great), I find the site looks horrid. Theory11 has lost all of its mysteriousness. It looks more gritty, more away from the norm, and definitely cooler. It just looks much to formulaic and amateurish now. Not a site that I would look forward to returning to.

    The good thing is that you've still got the content to keep people coming back.

    That is just my opinion on the look of it. Not greatly impressed... :(

  19. It really grows on you. Trust me.
  20. Their new trick filtering features allow you to very easily click filter by downloadable, and then if you like, even adjust by price. It's brilliant really.

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