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  1. And I fail to see that there's a problem with that.

    I can't actually speak for anyone else, but what if some people simply just don't like it? They don't have any idea of what they would have done differently, they just know that they don't like this? Do you expect them to withhold how they feel about it till they can come up with what they feel would look better? (keep in mind, i'm not saying that that's what you said)
  2. Just wanted to note a bug with Google Chrome... When using the search feature on the forums, the text your looking for becomes highlighted. In Chrome, this highlighted text is removed from its original position and put in the top left area of that reply.
  3. Same here.
  4. I have to agree with alot of what people are saying. Im not a fan of the new website, I find it slow,less interactive, the hands on front page for categories (Card Tricks, Cardistry, ect.) looks really cheesy. The old site I find was a lot easier to find and navigate through and way more interactive.

    I understand switching to a cms system because of the flexibility, but now the site almost looks like a fancy blog. The new look to me doesnt say underground or cutting edge magic, maybe more like here another generic magic website.
  5. I also forgot to mention that search doesnt work. No matter what I put it come up with nothing.
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    Hello Bayme,

    Wanted to provide some of my own personal insight on the new relaunch.

    Professionally, the website is stunning. The design is elegant, clean, sleek, cutting-edge, and everything a designer looks for. However my personal opinion is this design simply doesn't fit Theory11.

    The navigation is good. I like how there is that bar floating at the top (at all times). It allows you to keep tabs on your cart and seamlessly float to the forums and store without having to go through a plethora of links.

    Notably, the filter implemented in the "tricks" section of the store. I love it, and will be doing something similar to mine soon.

    I fully understand the website is still being developed, but you guys have a TON of work to do on patching loose ends up, fixing errors and pages, and whatnot.
    Some things for example:
    * Artists pages are not complete, missing about 75% of the artists
    * Search is broke (as other have said). I hope the search is a site-wide search though that searches the news, forums, and products.
    * http://www.theory11.com/contact.php# the support popups are not working
    * on the FAQ page, the popups do not work in outdated browsers or browsers with JS disabled
    * The FAQ page still needs some work, needs to actually have pages over popups
    * All the external links (linking outside of TH11) are not SEO friendly. They should all be opened in a _blank window (new window) instead of drawing the customers away from your page.
    * The video comment ratings (thumbs up/down) are no longer playing cards. That was an awesome touch that I think should be brought back.
    * In the video comments when I click on a users name, it does not take me to their profile.

    As personal recommendations, I'd love to see something else done with the reviews. I think its plain old generic. The media section is stunning, and I love it. Some of the key improvements that I like are the tags, your own video player, and its clean style. All the rankings, buttons, and important info is right next to the video (and the dimmer is cool as well).

    Is that media converter your own? If not, I am very interested in the video player and conversion software you guys are using to pull the videos.

    All in all, i'm happy with the redesign (from a webdesigners point of view). Don't really think the style matches the theme though (just my opinion).

    Looking forward to your response back JB. Hopefully i'm not shooting myself in the foot by providing advice to the competition ;)

    Edit //

    I wanted to point thins out. The new font is difficult to read at some points, please refer to my image below. As you can see, the text is very thin, and looks goofy. Maybe smooth out the edges, or thicken the font a tad to give it more appeal (may be hard since it is an actual font & not an image).

    P.S. - Get an image-resizer for the forum. As you can see the above image is not automagically resized ;)
  7. I can't believe I almost forgot about this but, RICHARD!!! I'm pretty sure I remember you talking about implementing a full screen button on the video player some time back. You get 3+ Internets my man.
  8. This site has grown on me! I wish the fourms were a different color but still very nice. I am about to place an order tonight on some Sentials and Smoke, cant wait to get em!

    Also whats this blog people are talking about? And has more info on the wire been released yet? (i have been away for a day and wanna know what i missed!)
  9. From this thread I have learned:

    You can't please all of the people all of the time.

    Bugs are rampant... maybe the site was launched too early (not enough beta IE 8 not working? C'maaan. :) )

    Bugs are getting squashed pretty quickly. :)
  10. ...and last night all those people were at my show.
  11. ..Bah-Zing..
  12. I'm confused about these two questions also... Where is this blog?

    Also, I still haven't figured out what the seventh release was....
  13. The trailer for Distortion is the Trailer for the Rice Papers. Ya might wanna fix dat.
  14. Way ahead of you, sent a support ticket a couple days back. :)

  15. Sooooo... any word on IE 8 problems? I've noticed that the T11 team haven't even addressed any posts of them, unless I missed it.
  16. Max,

    Definitely working on the IE8 issues as we speak. We are knocking out issues left and right. Today we made great strides in fixing some bugs in the forums (pagination, etc). Over the next 24 hours or so, we are hoping that the majority of all issues will be resolved.
  17. why can't I view the blog?
  18. Thanks alot J... I just wanted to make sure it was being addressed. It's my preferred browser as Firefox acts wonky on my machine. :)

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