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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. My point exactly. Everyone else gets blamed for Apples' problems! Just like the antennae issue! Jobs... "Your holding the phone wrong!" Keep buying into their crap! hahaha
  2. Oh god, what has happened to my little friend -.-.
    This is just disturbing whats going on. I know there are lovers and haters but i mean cammon. If the navigation had a Javascript overlay it would be an exact copy of this: http://dragoninteractive.com/. I'm just say'in.

    But to the hell with it i don 't mind the change. Just fix that awful logo part. That's just not working for me at all. Everything else is usable but the logo part is, well ****.

  3. Not really a big deal - there are many methods for impromptu blindfolded versions in many sources, as Craig I believe it was mentioned in another thread - I perform one...
  4. wow

    Ok... So I didn't stay up last night, when I saw that they shut the website down for maintenence and went to sleep.

    This morning, I wake up and see this...

    wow. I haven't checked everything yet, but I like it... Only thing is...

    Why did you change your logo??? I liked the older one better... I guess this one fits in better with the theme of the website....

    Btw, what's the 7th release?

    CoinOne Rerelease
    Invisible Deck
    Site Redesign

    thats 6....

    JB? Any help on the seventh?
  5. Agreed.

    I'm confused on this too.
  6. Umm, The Wire. It has vanished -.-.
    So 3 years of work on it and it's not going to even happen, eh.

  7. I'm sure this has already been covered in the eight+ pages of this thread, but for those of you who're frustrated with broken links and shoddy videos, the site is fully functional on the Google Chrome browser.

    I'm a fan of the new layout. In fact, it actually makes me want to stick around and browse the shop again to rediscover things I didn't bother to notice before. I think the forums look a lot cleaner, but I may need to get used to them a bit more to find out the intricacies in specific navigation functions. As of right now, I don't know how to immediately view the last page or first unread post in a thread.

    The new releases look awesome. I can see myself using Smoke productively. Luke's flavor of mentalism always appealed to me as well. These are things I'll definitely pick up sometime in the future.

    Just noticed the 'watermarks' in the background of the site are card suits. That's cute. Or maybe that's just what I psychologically see in a subtle Rorschach Test...

    Definitely a new, interesting feel...

  8. Just a heads up. The artists profiles for the following artists are not working:

    Daniel Garcia
    Doug Mckenzie
    Homer Liwag
    Jason England
    Joal Paschall
    Luke Dancy
    Luke Jermay
    Tom Isaacson

    Nothing happens when you press the artist profiles of Justin Kredible and Daniel Madison.
  9. Can someone tell me what the 7th release is?
    Also, what happened to all the predictions of Genesis vol 2?
  10. Umm, there is no "go to last post" button on the threads. Which obviously makes it harder :p Just a heads up.

    I love the looks of the new products, cool stuff. I'll probably pick up a Sentinel eventually, but I'm not sure on the backs yet, maybe they'll grow on me.
  11. They were wrong.
  12. I would just like to reiterate this question: Are older T11 products going to continue to hold the old logo, or will they be changed to the new one? I couldn't imagine why T11 would go through the trouble of changing all of it, but as a card collector, I have to know.
  13. To the peoplle asking about the wire. JB sai in another thread that an announcement would be Made within 24 hours. Also, the video dont work on an iPod touch
  14. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

    Hahaha, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the new design was Dragoninteractive. They usually like to play around with selected text and colorful gradients.


    I like the new logo and design. Awesome stuff.
  15. It might just vanish temporarily. Because on Twitter, T11 announced that news of the wire will be posted within 24 hours(11hours ago), so still half day to go.

    And most importantly, JB and the T11 team deserve a good sleep as I saw JB posting at 5am NYC.
  16. Uhhh, I don't know what all the fuss is about. Doesn't appear that anything changed.... :rolleyes:

    I've got to hand it to Bayme and the rest of the staff, the releases are great, and the new site layout feels pretty good so far.

    I do think that the darker colors on the forums really should be a shade or so darker. It just feels way too white.

    Other than that, I think things are pretty nice.
  17. Media videos have a Like/Dislike option apparently. ;)

    Yep, I love that. I'm probably going to order an invisible deck of the Bee Stingers... it'd be hotter if they soon released sentinel invisible decks... T11 is the ****.
  18. As a webdesigner myself, I must say this is a HUGE improvement. Everything looks beautiful.
  19. Wow, the new design is really amazing. It looks so good!
    Looking forward to buy some Sentinels too.
    Absolutely amazing job T11.
  20. I'd like an answer to that too. I asked about it twice in other places on the forums, but I would hate if I bought a pack of like, bee stingers, or centurions, and the new t11 logo was on the bottom. It just doesn't fit. Sentinels - fine. Anything else? Definitely no. It wouldn't match at all

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