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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. It's cool that t11 has put out invisible decks in all varieties, but I've been using invisible decks from guardians for years. Guess it's all about convenience?
  2. I see Genesis vol.1 release in october,and the vol.2 in the 31 augest ?
  3. just made me cry... Am I in paradise???
  4. Im loving this place more and more as i visit it. The logo is still bugging me tho. I think that was a wrong move.
    A few reccomendations. I would love to get to the last page of this topic with 1 click. Right now i can only move on to the 3rd page then manually click twice to get to the 17th page.

    Also the front page seems crowded. Too much info coming from 1 source.

  5. BTW.. search function of forum is pretty broken. Doesn't pull up anything older than site redesign launch. Maybe a database sync issue?
  6. For those of you who don't like the new logo design... I'd have to definitely question your taste. I think the new logo is much much better than the old one. Why do you think the old design "fits better"? I just don't get it. The old design made me want to puke. The think I wanted more than anything about the release was to have a website/logo/preview animation overhaul. And that's exactly what they did, and then some!! The new site is much easier to navigate.

    All I can say is if you don't like the new logo, you'll get used to it. They aren't changing it anytime soon. Too much work went into creating this one.
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    The logo is fine if it's in a video or on a box. It's just messes up the whole clean navigation deal they have. I think there are more experienced men here but after a 4 year run as a web designer and doing some projects i have to say that logo just doesn't fit the navigation part.

    Also i would like to apologize for this rudeness. I know you guys have put so much work and time and effort into this. And for that i bow before you.

  8. I only have 3 issues that I need you guys to help me with,
    1. Where is the 1on1 section?
    2. Whenever I click tricks only 4 tricks pop up even though it is set to all tricks.
    3. Whenever I searcch for something, nothing comes up except featured tricks on the side.
    please help me.
  9. 1. There is no "1 on 1" section anymore, they have all been combined into Tricks
    2. That is very odd. can you PM me info about what browser, etc. you are using
    3. if you're referring to the search box in the top bar that still has to be implemented
  10. If I had to take a wild shot in the dark with a ping pong paddle and a small box of little red sponge balls that could've at one time or another belonged to kermit the frog, i'd say because not everyone has to like what theory11 did with the site. We've all got different tastes, good or bad by anyone else's standards, and that's alright. I, for one, happen to be alright with it. I love the layout, I just think it's too white. But that just goes to how I like things, personally.

    However, I do still love the old site. It felt dirty. Felt like a broken down warehouse with a spray painted 11 on the side of the building, a secret handshake and a little sign that said "Little Rascals", lol.

    I almost feel like I should wash my hands before coming on here now, haha, but maybe that's just me.
  11. Just an FYI; a "Mark All Forums Read" button would be incredibly handy. I haven't been up to date on the forums in a while, so there are pages and pages of unread threads for me. And the exclamation points are really annoying, IMO, so it would be nice to have a magical button that made them all go away. Please and thank you. Love you lots.
  12. It's under forum tools.
  13. Amazing stuff.
  14. It's been there since last night. Scroll to the top of the page, and it's in the forum tools (orange bar).
  15. Well, day 2 of playing with things, and I have to say I really like the new design. Things are looking great (with still a few minor tweaks needed). I'm liking it. I love the new ideas for looking (filtering) through the tricks. Great work. Looking forward to using the blog! Any word on what the articles are about?

  16. I'm really sorry about what I'm going to say, I don't mean to be rude, but.... Really?!! No Sh*t Sherlock, not everyone has to like what theory11 did with the site. That's not what I was asking. It kind of bothers me when people say stuff like "teh nu logo suxxors!" without any explanation as to why they feel that way. It would be more constructive to say what they would have done differently when redesigning the logo. Statements like "the new logo just doesn't fit"..."the new logo is not underground", ect doesn't really explain much. Please tell us why the new logo "doesn't fit" and why the new logo is not "underground". I realize that people have their own tastes, but if you're going to criticize something, at least be constructive about it like Mr. Man was. It just seems to me that people don't like it because it's different than it was. They liked the old site, and don't adjust to change well. I'm sure soon enough they'll love the site as much as they liked the old site.
  17. Just a quick Heads up to JB .... www.theory11.org is still the old site ....might wanna sort that out :)
  18. I actually think they should keep that so others can go back to see how the old site looked for "memories" if you wish. I enjoyed looking at the old design again, I mean this one I think is better but the old one I've just remembered seeing for over a year. Definitely keep it please. :)

  19. Not a bad idea now that you mention it :)
  20. The reason I liked the old logo more is that the old logo had more character. This new one seems kind of generic to me. It's very corporate, clean. It's the kind of thing you expect to see stamped onto every piece of stationary in a cube farm. I liked the gritty, we're just here to create awesome magic and don't have time to come up with a fancy logo feel of the old one. I know they're not going to change it, and it would be kind of silly to change it because of my opinion, but it is nevertheless my opinion.

    Also, I will always prefer a dark forum with a light text over light forum with dark text for reasons I have already stated, but the rest of the site is quite nice. The sorting of products and such. Very slick.

    One thing I would like to see is the button to go to the first unread post placed next to the thread title, so I don't have to first open the thread then hit the link for the first unread post. Almost every forum has this feature and I like the efficiency of it.

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