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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Will the refills always be available?
  2. In the main page the "general magic logo" is the same of the "card magic" section
  3. Either I just needed to sleep on it, or something was changed while I slept, but the forums seem less magnesium flare this morning. Definitely need a 'go to last post' option, but I see JB & crew are already working on it.

    Definitely like the new product pages with the fancy sorting options.
  4. Congrats on all the new releases JB & T11.

    Some thoughts...

    -A mark forums read button would be nice for all forums...

    -I like Smoke. It looks nice as is, but I think will get the most mileage from experienced performers. It would really be a shame if people got it, and used it only in the context of an admittedly cool looking trick. It's interesting to hear about others' experiences regarding Alan.

    -Sentinals... The photos look nice. I like the court cards, but not sure about the backs yet. Will probably get a few eventually.

    -Colourblind is probably the most interesting of the releases to me... I recently started performing a a colour sensing routine. I'm not looking forward to fellow magicians asking me if it's Luke Jermay's (it's not). I'm more interested to see how other people react to this. There is a lot going on in effect in the demo video - I took something away from that by watching it - and it'll be interesting how many people can pick up on those things, and use all the methods effectively to create a good effect.
  5. I agree with the comments on Smoke. It'll sadden me if some kid buys this only to know the gimmick wasn't what he expected and lets it collect dust on his shelf. Since they are in limited quantities, and if some kids buy it to return it to their shelf, there's always that guy that would really use it but can't because some kid bought it and won't use it. I am intrigue by Smoke the most because it's something I'll actually use and it adds that eerie and strange/mystery to the magic, which is something I've wanted for a while now. The Ultrasmoke required a jacket and was really dangerous, so I never even bothered looking into it. Now that I see Smoke is 100% safe the void is finally filled! Can't wait to pick this up!

  6. Forum posts could REALLY use a like/dislike button.

    ^^ Ian, that's for you.

    Guys, where are the 1-on-1's? I can't find the 1-on-1 section.
  7. The 1 on 1s are integrated within the tricks section. So every 1 on 1 is located in there.
  8. http://www.theory11.com/contact.php

    Under General Questions:
    "What is your favorite color"

    Well, i'm too lazy to contact you for that, but my favorite color is blue, thanks for asking :D


    Why is the invisible deck preview video the only one with the long extended 11 second intro, with the epic gray lines that fly out of no-where kinda thing... it looks so cool
  9. SOOOO excited for the Justin Kredible DVD... I am a HUGE fan of his and will def be picking this up.

    P.S. I like the new design a LOT better

  10. This.

    Apple's portable devices ( iOS ) are being designed to use the still-emerging HTML5 technology, in place of Adobe's Flash + HTML or XHTML. (All those years of "Mac is better for media design" are thanks in no small part to Adobe, and this is how they thank the company! :D )

    Google, liking to be on top of things, has also made a huge push to include HTML5 in their Chrome browser. One of the big changes in HTML5 is support for built-in video using open formats. (In other words, no more relying on Flash or any other browser add-on.)

    PC users would be advised toward Chrome. Firefox may work, but it has considerably less support for HTML5.

    The top gray bar (Search theory11, Your Cart, etc...) is broken on my Droid Eris. It bounces around, sometimes in front of the content, and usually far to the right side of the screen.

    I'd also like to note that while T11 is doing a great thing supporting the users of common handheld devices:
    1. One of your big competitors was just able to re-release their iPhone app on the Android market. You might want to make sure that Apple is playing as nice with you as you are with them.
    2. Android devices are growing rapidly in market share, and are catching up quickly the iOS platform.

    I honestly believe that T11 is focused on providing the best possible site and services to their clients. I also hope that the focus on being Apple / iOS friendly doesn't come at a cost to the company itself.
  11. still unable to watch the videos on the site :(

    had to look them up on youtube.
  12. I love the new design of the site, its fresh and new, i like change.

    Colorblind. wasn't something similar released on penguin?!

  13. Yes, it was Webster - there are questions and comparisons being made to An Exhibition of Seeing at the Fingertips, I believe it was called. I have no idea, I use other methods, but will be interesting to get a comparison from JB. I'm sure there's something that warrants this release.
  14. Personally, I think the new site looks awful! The old site was much better. I am sick of everyone buying into Steve Jobs' position on flash! That's what the whole redesign is all about. For the Adroid users, this was never an issue!

    Also, Apple should not be dictating what plugins I would like to use on my devices! Can't wait for the lawsuits! Give me flash on the iPhone and iPad like you allow on all other Mac devices Mr. Jobs!!!!!!!

    Major thumbs down on the site Jonathan!
  15. Haha, YES!

    Also, in the trailer for Colorblind, one putting off detail is that the packet looks slightly elevated so that it could be peeked. This may just be how I see it, but it seems obvious. Just to clarify, there are numerous methods, including an impromptu one, correct? I'd be interested to know if you could perform it impromptu and blindfolded.

  16. Jobs has already blamed Flash for the overwhelming majority of Mac freeze-ups, and refuses to allow it on the iPhone and iPad.

    Sorry. It's not going to happen.

    Are the downloads no longer an option with T11 DVD's such as D+M Dangerous set. I was hoping to get the set with the download. Same thing with there new products.
  18. I just downloaded Safari on my PC and things are much better than IE. PERFECT!!!! Not as frustrated now as last night. I laid checking out the sites videos on my IPhone due to IE not showing any videos on my PC.
  19. nevermind, i found the battle arena....it just doesn't seem to be ready yet :)
  20. Funny fact, I predicted what Colorblind was without knowing it!

    In the SNC: Tell Us What You Think thread:



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