t11.bulletin - New Site Launched + New Products

Oct 14, 2009
some other changes i noticed are that the difficulty levels of certain 1 on 1s have been changed, along with the addition of difficulty levels to DVD effects. also, the battle arena is missing??!!!
Aug 8, 2010
Has anyone noticed how Theory 11's decks revolve around the theme of guards/guarding? Guardians (obvious), Centurions (Roman high ranking officers), Propaganda (military), and now Sentinels. Neat connection.
Aug 8, 2010
Really digging the modern look of the redesign and the filtering functionality is very cool and well done. Checked out the site on my iPad as well and it looked awesome as well.

So far the only thing I'm not really digging are the red exclamation mark icons on the forum index pages (indicating unread threads).

Other than that minor comment - extremely impressed with the work that you guys have done.
Apr 20, 2010
There are a ton of great new features to the site, like the filtering option in the tricks section - which is sooo slick. Also contacting our crazy awesome support staff is easier than ever.

nlvan - We're going to do everything possible to keep Smoke in stock, but you should jump on it ASAP. Given the demand already for this there's a really good chance it will sell out prior to you returning home.

Light-Flyer - Thanks for noticing :)

2 birds, one stone! contacted support about the situation with a proposition, lets see how well the new system works :D.

ps: opera on android = smooth sailing on the site~


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Aug 31, 2007
Just some other thoughts: the reply/quote buttons are massive. Too big to fit visually in the theme. Also there is no contrast of text with the usernames. Also there doesn't seem to be a way inside a thread to get to the last page easily.

Small things, but overall, still liking a lot of the new ideas. And Smoke looks incredible.
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
several things are still not working for me. The main page is still the old page. I cannot access the new tricks pages. and Several of the pages are still the old design. If you guys are working on this already just disregard, if not there ya go, if its just me someone let me know cause im trying safari, firefox and rebooting and it isn't changing.
Jul 23, 2007
New York, NY
If you're seeing the old theory11 design

As part of the redesign, we moved what server our pages are on. If you're seeing the old theory11 design, it's because your Internet Provider doesn't have the updated server addresses yet.

We prepared 2 days in advance to make sure this change would happen as fast as possible, but it's apparent that some Internet Providers may take some extra time.

So, the best thing you can do is just wait a day or so!
Aug 8, 2010
Wait wasn't colorblind already released awhile back on penguinmagic?
Just saying: http://www.penguinmagic.com/product.php?ID=1984

It looks like a big expansion upon the version released on Penguin. If I remember correctly - that DVD only showed one method of the trick that couldn't be impromptu and required that you touch the deck. From the description and demo video here - I would guess that method is covered in Colorblind but also new methods that allow for a borrowed deck and a method for doing the trick without using your fingers to determine the color of the card.


May 1, 2010
Seems like there needs to be more contrast of the thread titles and background, plus the italicized text makes it harder to distinguish.
And colorblind was released on Penguin.....

Also, someone mentioned that IE has 50% of the market...................who uses that crappy browser anymore? :confused:
Sep 4, 2007
Kansas City
May want to alter the new post icon too. The red really clashes with the page as nothing else is red. That may be the point, but it just seems a little out of place.
Sep 1, 2007
Porthcawl, Wales.
Absolutely loving the new media player! Also, having a degree in Design for Interactive Media, in my opinion, the new site design is outstanding!

Congratulations T11, this was worth the wait.


(P.s. We never doubted you ;) )
You need to fix the forums so you can easily navigate between the first and last pages in a thread. Otherwise threads like SNC Feed back, that have monster participation in them, are going to be a pain in the deck to navigate.
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