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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. videos not working for moi :(
  2. I have to admit, the new design is way more appealing. Now that its compatible with iPhone/iPod Touch I can order straight from there! AWESOME! I'm digging Smoke and Colorblind, but both would cause me to go broke quickly. I think I'll save Colorblind for later cause I'm never at a table. Smoke is......insane. Something I would really use. I was always fascinated by the Ultrasmoke 2000 system, but seeing that you have a strange and weird hookup wearing a jacket, being corrosive, and the smoke was dangerous, I was disappointed that something like this never came along when I wanted it. NOW IT'S HERE!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!
  3. This looks sick on the iPad. Amazing work, Theory11.
  4. Now I just need Alan to refund me back my money so I can order shmoke from here.
  5. Yeah, more or less totally broken on IE... other than that, design has grown on me. I like how smooth everything looks and now the page flows. Kudos to the design team...

    I know you all are mac guys, but IE is about %50 of the market. :)
  6. The site is freaken sick, and smoke looks amazing. Im glad i just turned 18 im soo getting that. right up my ally
  7. Is it me, or is the new favicon look a lot like squarespace's logo
  8. I've got it running fine with Safari, videos play and everything.
  9. Yeah! Mea Tooa!
  10. Looks a lot different! I like the bright, but for some reason it feels harder to read than just black text on a white background. I'm looking forward to looking around. (Oh, and pressing tab on the login screen selected boxes in a weird order)
  11. why does every deck need to be black and white
  12. Ummmm, yeahh. I love theory11 no matter what. But i really like the old site better. It had the feeling of true underground magic. I will defiantly still buy from T11 and participate in the forums like always, but i guess i will just have to get used to the new site.

  13. I love how you can add reviews directly to the trick / 1-on-1 on the description page.
  14. I've been thinking the same thing. Guardians would look amazing in a grayish-dark-green color.
  15. You can always go with the Propaganda's. They are not a black and white deck.
  16. Sorry JB and the T11 crew but I'm not digging the new set up. I liked the old one better. I'll still be a loyal fan...
  17. @Propagandas. My favorite deck on this site (hopefully soon to be overtaken by sentinels) are badassery to the highest degree, but they are practically black and white. Black and tan which is not all that colorful. I like decks like these though, they're easy to mark ;D.
  18. I... actually agree. But think of the good thing, now we can order invisible Stingers, Centurions, Guardians, Split Spades and Tallyho!!
  19. yeah props are basically black and white...iwancolor
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    There are a ton of great new features to the site, like the filtering option in the tricks section - which is sooo slick. Also contacting our crazy awesome support staff is easier than ever.

    nlvan - We're going to do everything possible to keep Smoke in stock, but you should jump on it ASAP. Given the demand already for this there's a really good chance it will sell out prior to you returning home.

    Light-Flyer - Thanks for noticing :)

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