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    They just made a change to the Tricks section, the 1-ON-1s are mixed in there, that probably means The Wire will be back too.

    Edit: Never mind, no change just my own stupidity. Also keep in mind, still two things to be released. Hey, I think I have like 40-less posts than I did before, anyone else have this? I'm not 100% sure, and even if I did lose posts it doesn't matter because I already have a crazy-high (almost sad) amount of posts.
  2. I'm liking the new design thus far. Great job, guys!
  3. Am I the only person who thinks the Sentinels cards will look A LOT better if the color were red/blue? I think the concept of the back design is neat, but why make it black again? It degrades it in my opinion.
  4. Sentinal:

    Box looks fantastic
    Ace looks great
    Picture design looks great
    Not a fan at all of the backs though
    Interested to see how they feel
  5. I cant wait to see the finished site, if its great it will be well worth the wait!

    Also is there any videos or trailers for the effects as they dont play for me?
  6. Oh man I can't wait to get a brick of these.
  7. Also, making the site iPhone accessible is a hugely epic win. I think that's what I like most about it.
  8. Yes, no more The Wire. I think they might just give it up.
  9. So far... tricks are not showing up in the "Tricks" section. Have to actually click on the Wynn's to see they are officially sold out. Media section navigation section all messed up. Displaying vertically and buttons are all out of whack. Button on top bar says store.. when really it's your cart.

    Running IE 8, Windows 7

    Sorry.. I'm a beta tester. :) Thats what I do.
  10. The ENTIRE site - videos included - is 100% iPhone and iPad compatible. If things aren't working perfectly right now, they will very very soon!
  11. Hmmmm, interesting. I'll wait and see when all the bugs have been fixed before I make an opinion. I did however like the simplicity of the old layout, but I'm I'll get used to this one.

    Cool deal guys! Now to check out the new products.
  12. I know, I just want to see a specifically designated tab though.
  13. i like it , looks alot neater and slick ! great work guys, im home. I noticed they paid attention to even the little details like adding new icons for Unicoin and the rest of the 1on1s
  14. New site and Epic Win

    New site is an Epic Win! Hey JB and theory11 crew! Great great awesomely awesome job on the new site and the awesome new releases! Obviously there are some bugs, but that was to be expected.


  15. Is it me or is anyone else having the trouble viewing videos in the media section?

  16. Yeah, maybe, hey, there's no more actual battle section either, wait, one second...

    ...yeah, no more battles section, but the forums are still there.


    I wouldn't be too disappointed if they just got rid of that either, it didn't do very well.
  17. The new design does need a little bit of work, but I'm happy with the new layout. I think the forums could use the most work. It seems as if it's harder to read and a little jumbled. Although, I most likely will be picking up some new stuff probably on Monday (when I can go to the bank and deposit my cash!). Smoke and Colorblind look awesome, I'll be looking into that as well as maybe some more new stuff if you release it by then! A very nice birthday present, I've had the best birthday ever so far, and this made it better. Played a little bit of Soda Pong, magic, music, ect. I'm in the middle of a party right now so I just wanted to come by and see everything. Peace.

  18. I personally love the new site design, it's brighter, upbeat, sleek.... and best of all - HAPPY! YAY! :eek: ha
    Not to mention the fact that it's very user friendly, intuitive, and highly advanced for browsing and locating magic/cardistry tricks and effects.

    Sentinels feel great, the most amazing box I've ever seen - the metallic ink is just insane.

    Love it!

    -Andrei Jikh

  19. Hey do you think you guys could fix the preview videos for the new products? I can't view them.
  20. My reactions to this new site:

    HOLY CRAP! My eyes!
    Holy crap, my finger nails are dirty.
    Wow this is a terrific new layout.
    click click
    So smoke isn't like Warning?
    Hmm more playing cards...awesome |3
    I must be in heaven, cause I went toward the light.

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