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  1. A lot of the bases have been covered so far, but one of the first thing's that came to my mind that I didn't see mentioned was ask to seem some change pick out a quarter (or whatever they have) and just do a simple toss change (with the 1's in your pocket). It's worked for me in the past :)
  2. Doh.....
    Sorry my lack of attention to the first post. Terribly terribly sorry for this!

    The most likely scenario would be what D ICE R said or a One ahead type of effect.(using a napkin or something in that nature) Also morphing my pinky finger has become a very reliable thing...

  3. A bit vague. What do you mean "morphing your pinky finger?" Morphing it into what?
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    I can think of a lot of effects that fit the scenario and the props available , but what I would actually perform would be:

    -Napkin Vanish (Karrel Fox)
    -Mr. Clean Coins Across (Jay Sankey)
    -Two Finger Touch (Not sure whose it is but basically you cause someone to touch their two pointer fingers together "against their will.")
    -One Coin Routine

    -If someone has a ring I'd do Ring Thing (Garret Thomas).
    -If someone has a watch I'd do PK Time (Banachek) or Coin Under Watch.
    -If someone has a business card (or I can use my own) I'd do Stigmata (WH).
    -If the atmosphere was right Control (WH).
  5. Morphing might be the wrong word, warping or just playing with my pinky. Vanishing it and in general doing stuff with it which its not supposed to be doing.


  6. jay sankeys real work on resturants and bars has alot of good material for use in a situation like this.

    here is the list of things i would think abuot performing:

    - ivanish
    - control
    - coin into sugarpacket (Shane Blacks is fantastic)
    - SPIN by sconce. its friggen amazing with the pen and salt shaker
    - again, stigmata with a buisness card or something along those lines
    - some pen manipulation just for fun
    - freak i think the trick is called off f dan and dave bucks site. its grewat.
    - you could do some pro coin magic
    - bill switches
    - bill rips

    anything along those lines. all amazing effects.
  7. a lot of the tricks that i would do have already been mentioned. im not sure if i saw Ghostbills by Andrew Mayne mentioned, but that is one that i always perform when all i have on me is bills.

    I have a question for the person above me who mentioned Control. Don't you think that a restaurant wouldn't be the best place to perform it? Control is all about the build-up and presentation, I would find it VERY difficult to do all of that in a "hey show us some magic" type of situation. But hey, if you can pull it off, more power to you my friend.
  8. I would make a straw move by secretly blowing on it. Suprisingly good.

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