{t11} release :: PRESSURE by Daniel Garcia + Dan White

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. actually, I didn;t plan on buying either. I was just curious
  2. Anyone notice that they put a can of root bear in a balloon in the video? Also Daniel Madison popped up. And some other crazy stuff, pops up fast.
    Great effect guys.
  3. Wooo! Half done!

    Cheers, Tom
  4. I've never seen an effect look so simple and easy to do but at the same time damn rite amazing and accilertaing to watch!
  5. Yea, I bit the bullet and just bought this. Looks pretty damn good too...can't wait to see the method behind it. I just started though, about 5% into the download. lol.
  6. Im shocked. It actually looks good, reminds me a little of the old T11.

  7. i wanna read a review first, i have zero dollars and it would be nice to get an honest review before i even think bout getting it
  8. I would count on a review after anyone here has practiced and performed the effect.

  9. When I've finsihed watching it, if your on Tokbox Ill give you my thoughts on it

    Cheers, Tom

    Finsihed! Watching now!
  10. I was holding out for a review as well, but for only $20...I spend more on gas in a couple days than that lol.
  11. i have my own version that you cant had out but u can blow it up with the phone inside also it visually comes out of the baloon into the spectarors hands that i have doen befor i even heard about this
  12. This looks like one of the most amazing, simple, straight forward effects i've ever seen. I don't know if it is, but i'm probably getting it. btw, not to bash, but i agree with the comment about this reminding you of the old theory11, let's hope we've got more things like this on the way!

    Great job DG and DW (btw, my initials are dw)
  13. but mine i did wioth a deck of cards but can be done with a phone i made it up when airtight came out
  14. Watched! Wow! That was awesome!

    Cheers T11

  15. How long is the video?
  16. Can we expect a review? This means anyone. Who bought it plans on writing a review here?
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    It was 24 mins, there was 4 performances, 2 from each Dan.

    And I'll do a review after Ive played with it for a bit, but if you want to hear my current thoughts go on Tokbox.

    Cheers, Tom
  18. Get this effect!!! Seriously....this is great!! Dan and Danny...excellent job!!
  19. Just got done watching the video. Already had everything figured out except the cleanup. This is decent. I don't know if it will fool a lot of people but it will be a good trick for my children's show.

    Can't complain for the price.
  20. I always have problems with this video If I do not get his sorted out I will never buy here again. It will not work that is why I bought the downloa to buy it right away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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