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  1. I agree. Thats why I'm so pissed at theory11 for false advertising their crap. I'm probably not going to buy anything else from them besides TOOC. More to come soon in a thread.

  2. This looks like it pwns!
  3. Guys, even after the cleanup, there is still one inconsistency. I noticed it, too, almost right away.

    However, it's likely to go unnoticed by most, and if it does get noticed I'm sure you can explain it away (if need be). But there is part of it that doesn't end clean (again, yes, after the cleanup).

    And no, it's not the fact that there is moisture on the outside of the balloon. It's an actual physical inconsistency.

    Come to think of it, you could even perform the same type of cleanup on the "unclean" part, when you have a moment that the audience isn't looking.

    Either way, it doesn't seem like a big deal to me. They'll be peeling the balloon off to get their phone back, not inspecting it as though they are looking for clues as to how it was done. Their phone just got sucked into a balloon...they're amazed at this point (or at least, they should be), not super skeptical (again, I'm assuming your presentation skills are decent). And once their phone is peeled out of the balloon, you're golden. :)
  4. Someone needs to un-bunch their panties and realize it's a magic trick...there has to be some method to the madness! False advertising? Hardly...I feel very satisfied with my purchase, and would make it again in a heartbeat.

    For $20, you get a solid, practical effect that I think will play very strongly. 1 regular balloon, 1 regular cell phone. The audience sees the phone PENETRATE the balloon, and is actually inside the balloon. The magician cuts open the balloon, and the phone falls into the specs hand. People complaining about stuff that will most likely get lost on a spectator is just nit-picking, and those types of people will never be happy with anything.

    -The end.
  5. Wow, i have noooooo idea why anyone wouldn't be satisfied with this.

    its pretty devious, and so simple. move or no move, if spectators are oblivious enough, you will get it by them every time. I cant people don't understand how the shape shifter change is done, they definitely wont catch this.

    the method is very clever.
  6. We did nothing of the sort. I ask - do you own the product? Have you performed the effect?
  7. I'm not pissed or anything. I was just stating that their claim of "completely clean" is not exactly accurate. It's still a good value for the money. Cool idea and good trick. Just don't expect to get away with it all the time especially with grabby people . Of course you will, as always, use good audience management.
  8. If you don't like it, just don't use it. It is that simple.
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    I agree, there's no false advertising. I looked back at the product page and elsewhere, and see no false promises.

    While I've seen people saying you can end clean, I haven't seen that anywhere officially. And besides that, you do end quite clean...especially because at the very end they're left with a cell phone (or whatever item) and a torn up balloon (you have to tear it open to get the cell phone out).

    I agreed that there was one small inconsistency after cleanup and before they take their cell phone out (which most people here--magicians--seemed to have overlooked, which says something in and of itself), but it's really not a huge concern, and is easily fixable (and even fixes itself, most times). And that's ignoring the fact that most people won't even notice it--there's really no reason for them to; they just aren't looking for it.

    I fail to see how T11 is to blame for how people perceive the product, especially after buying it and seeing the full explanation (since those are the people who are spreading information about the product and hyping it up the most).

    Oh well, one less person using this effect (and entering the contest ;)) doesn't hurt me at all. :)

    I think this is one of the more important things to keep in mind...and something that should be kept in mind before/while performing any effect. I would echo the statement that this shouldn't be performed around someone who is very grabby, nor around someone who will burn you constantly, before, during, and after an effect. :)
  10. Note that DG's and DW's performances in the video were obviously completely legitimate. So for all of those who think the effect is not practical, doesn't end 'clean', etc. - tell that to Dan, Danny, and even {db} himself, who have each performed PRESSURE to great success.

    Just my two.
  11. Man, I want this! It looks awesome.

  12. Altough the trailer is slightly misleading you will never regret buying this effect. Ive been sitting here for hours putting things inside baloons over and over again because its so easy to do and you can amaze yourself doing it

    The only thing that i think is bad is that when you give them their cellphone back it has your saliever over it because when you blow up the baloon.

    Dont think every spectator would be like this lol
  13. Dude that is quite a revealing post
  14. I found that only happens when you practise putting stuff in the balloon with the same balloon then after 5 times of doing that you do the move and its all wet.

    Cheers, Tom
  15. yah when i perform it now i simply use a brand new balloon i havent practiced with already because if you use a balloon already used a couple times or blown into it happens to get all spit in it but when u do it once there's barley any.

  16. pressure problems

    I think a private forum like THREAD should exist for this trick. I have questions. And I think by asking the question it would be basically telling how to do most of the trick. But, I really need to address it to someone. Because I'm sure the problem will happen again.
  17. Does anyone know if the contest winners will be announced and when?
  18. The winners will note be announced. If you get a cell phone in the mail, then you know you've won. If not, then you are not a winner. T11 is mysterious that way.:p

  19. Edit: yes you need to get a cell in the mail and u will know u won
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    Gee thanks for clearing that up for me there dude. Isn't this board here to discuss the pros and cons of a product. Everytime someone mentions a con everybody has a fit. Chill out!

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