t11's biggest release - This Week!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trikuxabi, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. its a commemorative WireGram that turns into a sketch of JBayme.
  2. I'm really hoping this isn't a ripoff of Ellusionist's "In Session"
  3. I totally thought that is what the wire was going to be. I'm still guessing it's going to be something (social?) networking based.
  4. Yeah thats what I was thinking. But I remember last year when Casey won the contest for the 3rd anniversary release, and the package was posted as he clicked it, and it rang the bell or something? maybe Theory11 are geniuses and figured out a teleportation device. meh. in my dreams. But yeah, I hope it's not like a live teaching thing, cuz thats not revolutionary at all.

    OR ITS A MAGIC MMO! hahah like an online game where you meet, people do performances and stuff like that. Idk, maybe it has this whole interface.
  5. Yes, if it's anything like Ellusionist's "In Session" it's not revolutionary at all. Nor is it really all that useful. Oh I can pay $100 to have a Skype session with someone!!! Yeah, I'll just PM them or hit them up on FB. Saves my money and is just as effective. I talk to so many guys on an almost daily bases just through FB.

    Please don't disappoint Theory11. You guys have went to crap over the last couple of years. You were awesome that first year or so but after that it's been pretty downhill. Hence, today being the first time I've logged in since November 2010. Whatever the wire is, I'm hoping it will bring you back to where you once were.
  6. I have not heard a single correct guess as to what it is yet. You have no idea. Most of you will have never thought of this, and none of you have ever taken the idea to the stage you will see tomorrow. I can tell you now, some people will be dissapointed because their eyes are set on just a new deck of cards. As has been said, there are no new decks being released. This is bigger than the release of a deck or a product. This is something you have never seen before.

    Get ready.

  7. THANK GOD it's not another deck of cards! We don't need anymore of these stupid "custom" decks. Just use a pack of bikes for Christ's sake.
  8. A special software environment for magicians, which is only available online ?
  9. What!?! No chrome sponge balls? No teleportation device? You make me sad Lyle. Very sad.
  10. I've been waiting for the Wire since 2007, and these few hours are gonna seem longer than the many years we've all waited. We can sleep easy soon :)
  11. I work tomorrow so I won't be up to date on what's what here. I do hope it lives up to all they're promising but I have my doubts.
  12. this is mah guess- a subscription based thing where stuff is released every once in a while and the subscribers automatically get it.
  13. "The Wire" silly name for a revolutionary product
  14. Oh Lyle you know what I think it is. Now guess it is just a waiting game.
  15. I'm taking a trip Friday morning to a place with no internet connection. I won't be able to find out what The Wire is until late on Monday. Don't complain about waiting until Friday night, you're lucky.
  16. I'm not complaining. I really don't care.
  17. Sleep well tonight. We certainly won't! We are working as quickly as possible to finish this journey, but when we do finish - it is only the first step. What begins tomorrow does not soon end. What happens tomorrow, even after four years of build up, is not a conclusion. It's a beginning.
  18. I've got it. It's a wire tap. David Copperfield reality show. He will wear a wire all day long. Young magicians will be able to listen and learn what it's like to be successful.

    ...or Bayme will wear it
  19. Hey peeps!

    When JB talked to me about this many months ago, I got excited...very excited. If what he told me about The WIRE monthsssssss ago still holds true today, then everyone is in for something HUGE! Let's face it...magic companies live off buildup and creating hype for new effects, new artists, etc. But this is seriously something worth hyping. It's. That. Effing. Cool...


  20. "What's cooler than being Cool?" "Ice Cold!" Outkast had recently said in a song called 'Hey Ya', but in a recent concert they have replaced the words, with the current, "What's Cooler than being Cool?" "Ice Cold" "WRONG!" "The Wire!" "Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright Alright"

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