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  1. Theory11, JB and the crew. This is of epic proportions. The wire is dragging magic into the new generation kicking and screaming. I truly believe, this will do exactly what the Theory11 mission statement says "To advance the art of magic".

    I can see people learning not just how to correctly publish material with correct crediting etc, but others around here will be able to see by the Top Rated system exactly what the magic world will want to see more of. Then, they can go off to create and build upon the most popular style of effects and end up with more advanced technology and creative new era magic effects.

    That feeling of excitement and positive anticipation of greater things to come, I had 4 years ago to the day has been reignited. Yet again, you have pulled out the most radical game changer and it's nothing short of astonishing.

  2. Matt, your review for repAIR should be live now. :)
  3. Hey everyone,

    I made a thread over at Ellusionist: Click Here, to give their members a chance to see The Wire, see how good it is and see its full potential. A few of the die-hard E heads are trying to make The Wire look like a bad thing. I want their users to see how good it is because E users have brought some good magic to us before, so let's chime in and get everyone working together to use The Wire to it's full potential.

  4. Sometimes I really dislike closed-minded, ignorant people. For every die-hard Ellusionist person out there, please remember that it's magic we're talking about. This isn't like Apple vs Microsoft. Magic has nothing to do with patents. For example, whether or not Patrick Kun chooses to produce an effect with Ellusionist or theory11, it's still going to be the same great effect and him teaching it. This is all for one cause, pushing magic forward.

    And seriously... this will. You have no idea how many times I thought to myself, "Wow, what if all the great minds in the industry just vanished. We all depend heavily on these guys to perform for other people."

    Well The Wire will change that. It is because of The Wire that there will probably be double the names known in the magic community three to four years from now.

    The Wire will make more of us create magic. Yes, it definitely will.
  5. And why do you feel the need to push the wire down their throat? You are trying to convince them of the benefits of it, which is close to what those sectant morons knocking on everyone's doors do. If the idea is good, it will attract users without anyone's lobby.
  6. Hey Steve

    Sorry you feel this way, this isn't what I wanted to do. Basically, I use to use the E forums about 5 years ago and they're a place that'd try to shield you from visiting any other site that you would spend your money at and this clearly isn't fair or productive. I've been in magic for years and this is one of the most exciting things that I've seen happen on the internet, I wanted to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance to see it. I didn't want to come across as a god-botherrer so I'll just shut up now and enjoy it for myself :)


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    I have to object to your characterization of my response and Christopher's response (who are really the only two people to respond) to your post as trying to make the Wire look like a bad thing. Both of us responded to your post intelligently by raising the reasons we did not think this would be a "revolutionary" "incredible game changer." If you know Christopher and I from our posts here as well as on E, our responses were respectful and very much in line with our views on magic. I've posted both here and on E about my feelings about people trying to create effects and market them without the proper understanding of the fundamentals and without having tested the effects on a live audience. Christopher frequently encourages people to step out from behind the webcam and perform for real people and instead of other magicians. Our posts reflected those views.

    I wasn't on the E forums 5 years ago, so I can't talk about then. However, I don't think anyone currently on the forums try to shield people from visiting other magic sites. I've often referred people to T11, MJM, Denny's, Vanishing, L&L. In fact, in my post in the linked thread I mentioned DVDs by Levent (which you can find on his website) and L&L. I frequently recommend DVDs and books that are not available on E's website to people.

    Respectfully, I am neither closed minded or ignorant. Yes, there actually is a person that you are hurling insults at.

    Lloyd asked for opinions and I gave him my opinion. I believe my points were well reasoned. If you or anyone else disagrees, you are free to engage me in a constructive discussion.

    As I've stated both on T11's forums and E's forums, those two websites are only a tiny slice of the magic world and that anyone who gets caught up being a fan boy of either website is limiting their ability to grow as a magician.

    I respect what Jonathan and T11 is doing with the Wire. It is innovative and, as I stated in my closed-minded and ignorant post over at E, an incremental change that will result in more effects from a greater variety of magicians being available. I stand by what I've posted and wish T11 the best on this project.
  8. Hey guys,

    Wow! So many incredible comments. We are SO excited and thrilled that this secret is no longer a secret, and that The Wire is live. Finally! What began last night is not the ending, though - it's the start of something new. Something groundbreaking. And it's all about YOU. Not me. Not us. You.

    First and foremost, I want to thank everyone on our team for making last night happen. Our servers held strong. And everything came together so cohesively in the final hours. To Dan White, Chris Kenner, Andrei Jikh, Anand Sharma, Mark Garity, Richard Zadorozny, Michael Herp, Lyle Borders, Zach Mueller, Casey Rudd, Katie Kenner, Bryant Aucoin, and all of the artists who trusted our vision and placed such immense faith in the idea - THANK YOU. This was an incredible team effort borne out of innovation, friendship, trust, hard work, and relentless pursuit of advancement.

    To those of you that had a few questions on how things work, check out the previous post I made this morning here. Of course, if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our team or post at any time. Until then, stay tuned as new content and features will be posted constantly. This is just the start!
  9. I support the wire and think it's a good idea but it is far from groundbreaking. It's just another shop....
    I hope the T11 team is prepared, because there will be thousands of poor quality, badly edited submissions by people that are relatively new to magic that get excited by their new idea they have practiced for a day that was in fact published years ago.
  10. One of the great things about the Wire is that it is self filtering. If a magician publishes a crappy trick, people will not buy it simply from seeing the preview. If a bad trick is purchased anyway, it will be rated poorly. 90% of anything that is not worthwhile after our screening will be screened by you. After a short while you will be able to see whose work is quality by the number of purchases and the reviews. It will not be easy for new artists, but it will be possible. You guys are not stupid, and we did not assume that we would have to do all the thinking for you. You know quality from crap.

    There will be lots of sub par stuff that gets through. We only filter as far as a few basic requirements go. Terrible magic effects will not be sold. This will be a reality check for the prolific crap YouTube magicians. They will film garbage, submit it, and be crushed when their trick doesn't sell. Magicians, however, who have quality material will get noticed.

    Really, just have a thought about it. The garbage will get buried. It simply will.

  11. That's really nice! I've learned so much from you, very cool

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