t11's biggest release - This Week!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trikuxabi, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Brilliant. Love it.
  2. I like it :) I've already got a bunch of ideas
  3. OMG THE WIRE IS SICK!!! Hell yes T11 you did f****** fantastic.
  4. what??????????????????
  5. Sarcasm much?
  6. im hyperventilating because i cant find anything XD
  7. im getting a 403 error
  8. Yeah, I don't see it either.
  9. I barely care.
  10. Yep, 403 error....
  11. We're in!

    (Word count)
  12. Up and running boys.
  13. Yes its there
  14. I have to say I am rather underwhelmed. Maybe it will seem better in the morning.
  15. Soooooo, does this mean that theory11 won't be accepting direct submissions from members anymore and they'll only produce things that aren't on The Wire?
  16. Decided to check it out,

    Really cool. Quiet like this idea, and can see myself using it in the future.

    Well done Theory11. Well done on not having a huge amount of Hype aswell - besides the 4 Year wait ;) haha.
  17. oh...so it's a magic version of iRiffs?
  18. wait but isnt this the same thing as their submission thing?
  19. no it isnt now any person who wants to slap something on there can. But my worry is how can t11 POSSIBLY screen all the submissions to make sure that kidz arent trying to resell affects at a cheaper price
  20. Guys, this has made me so happy you have no idea. Brilliant. Epic. Wonderful. Fantastic. Ingenious. Beautiful. Amazing. Spectacular. Looove. <3

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