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  1. Okay guys, I'll go ahead and say it. Props. This is really a neat thing you are doing, giving a voice to those who want to create that otherwise may never get a chance to get heard.
  2. So, I'm checking it out. On the login page for The Wire, there is a link to the terms and conditions. It does not take you to the terms and conditions. It only loads the same page.
  3. If you submit a trick to us on our Submit a Trick page, it goes through a rigorous screening process. IF, and ONLY IF we really like it, we may contact you about producing it on our dime.

    If you put something on the Wire, all it has to meet are very basic requirements. You do the legwork yourself (creating, filming, editing, marketing, etc.) You have complete control over it. It is your video. It isyour product. Want to take it down? Go for it. How much to charge? Your choice.

    The Wire is powered by YOU.

  4. I'm finding some bugs. Going to Account Settings and Edit Profile worked initially, but then I couldn't click Update Profile. Then after clicking on those links again, it goes back to Dashboard and not the edit settings pages.
  5. Thanks. I am passing these on to our tech crew. We appreciate the help!

  6. I forgot to say: thanks! This idea is awesome.
  7. That is exactly my concern too. The downside of "The-Wire-is-me-whatever" thing is that every ignorant vietnamese/mexicano 13 year-old kid can now sell effects and moves not originated by him for a ridiculous amount of money. I used to like the idea of giving away methods I thought of, but now I'll think twice before exposing anything.
  8. Wait so the wire stuff doesn't go through ANY screening at all? If you find something, you can just charge people tons for some useless move? And does theory11 get a percent of all earnings? if so, how much?
  9. I'm sure they'll be able to regulate it well and screen submissions.
  10. Did you guys even read the page? They get 40%, and they screen it to see if it is original or not.
  11. How much did Theory11 get if you sold the trick on the regular tricks page?
  12. Every effect on The Wire is reviewed by our team prior to publication, and those that choose to submit a new effect (for free or at a cost of your choice) must certify that the effect and all content within are original.
  13. also if you use small concepts from other magicians will that make your submission null and void?
    obviously not like a standalone sleight like the clipshift but ya get what i mean
  14. So I have a question. What about gimmicks? I have an original mentalism trick that requires a gimmick that most people just simply do not have the means to create themselves. Is there some way for me to be able to sell the gimmick?

    Here's my suggestion, although I have no idea if it is feasible:
    T11 should have some kind of warehouse or storage location for peoples gimmicks. The creator can send the gimmicks to t11, once they are inspected and approved, however many gimmicks are in stock will be however many can be sold. If the creator wants to keep selling his trick he will have to keep supplying t11 with gimmicks. All gimmicks will be examined, If the gimmick/gimmicks are faulty, poor quality, or do not achieve the effect described, they should be sent back to the creator and the effect will be taken down until further notice.

    Either way, This is awesome. Totally not what I expected. Very nice surprise.
  15. all things aside to me this seems like a chore to t11 but its providing a much needed incentive to create your own material and to that T11 i applaud you
  16. So, will the forums now be set so that if anyone types "The Wire" it will automatically link to the page for The Wire?

    (Hmmm....let's see if I can just sneak The Wire one in here, see if picks it up. Yep.)
  17. Not to be pedantic, but something else I noticed on The Wire Login page thing:

    "This is only for people who have submitted their tricks to The Wire, or would like to to. "

  18. This will only be good if t11 moderate this like crazy, only letting top notch production quality videos, teaching and effects through, otherwise I can see a super-saturation of low quality magic coming to the industry.

  19. I must say this is nothing below my expectations, of what they were saying will revolutionize magic. This does do that, it gives magician from all over the world the chance to get there name out there and make some dough. I am very excited about this because its going to keep me creating, video shooting, editing, etc. GREAT JOB THEORY11. You did it.....again.

    For some of the questions up top like the gimmick lets try to get to keep it simple for them, I don't believe they are going to want to deal with sending out gimmicks and props.They did a great thing for us now, lets just keep to downloads where gimmicks can be made at home.
  20. Have submitted a review for Michael Kents effect,

    But nothing seems to have registered.

    Does it get approved? Just seemed like nothing happened - and tried a couple of times!

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