t11's biggest release - This Week!

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  1. Magic College! Please be a fully functional Magic school that we can actually apply to and get accepted and learn from top Magicians. Please be in Hollywood, and please be co-ed.
  2. I predict the male/female ratio would be the same as a computer science school. But one can always hope.
  3. Unfortunate truth ^

    Well, goodmorning everyone on the east coast. Up bright and early for school. Looks like nothing yet. I'll be back in about 5 hours. People keep saying that it's the anniversary today, so Happy Birthday theory 11. We'll be eating cake together tonight.
  4. Hahahahahaha. That was a good one.

    Anyway, as much as I like T11, you guys use the word "revolutionary" way too much. All of your playing cards were supposed to b =e revolutionary as well as most of your products. Don't get me wrong, they are good products, but they didn't completely alter the way magic was seen.
  5. Wow !! I'm so exciteddd !!! WOOOOOO !!! Hopefully whatever t11 is releasing , its going to be FREE . hahaha . Joking .
  6. what time is it going to be released? :)
  7. Cant wait for this release guys!! I have been a customer of theory11 for since it started and I am excited to see where it's going to go. By the way, this is the first post i have ever wrote on the forums. I couldnt read all of the interesting things people were saying about the new release and not write something myself!
  8. that's a good ques but i don't knw the ans ...
  9. I'm ready to party now. School's done for the day. *twiddles thumbs until revolutionary events.
  10. Welcome, apullicin! You picked a great moment to jump in and start posting - this week will be one of the most exciting weeks since our inception. Buckle up!

    We don't use the term often on this site, but the word does get thrown around way too much. You see new shampoo being advertised as revolutionary - it's not. It's Pert Plus Conditioner. THIS is different. What we will unveil this week we truly believe to be a groundbreaking innovation - something that will fundamentally change your magic for the better. Something that took us four years to get right.

    Hundreds of hours of development and countless late nights lead us to this moment. The countdown begins tonight at 11:00pm EST. Join us!
  11. Wait, wait, wait....You can get Pert Plus with Conditioner?!?!? :eek:
    This truly is a magic site!
  12. Oh my.... I've got an idea, but I hope I'm wrong. If I'm not wrong, releasing it is a big mistake...! but I'm gonna run for it anyway XD
  13. Wait, the countdown starts at 11? Daww
  14. I think everyone is gonna get a panda!

    But seriously, cant wait to see what it is!
  15. Is it the release of the countdown, or will actual products be released tonight? On Facebook, they said the countdown begins tonight.
  16. True to T11 form, most likely it will be a week of teaser trailers, photos, and things of that nature and then the actual release will be this Friday at 11pm EST. I wouldn't wait up tonight for anything that's tangible.

    Don't get me wrong, T11 has some amazing products, very creative artists, terrific customer service, and they have brought a much needed cool factor to the art of magic. In no way does this take anything away from a very good company they've built.

    They cater to the right demographics and so a lot of kids belief every hype that comes out. But for those of us who aren't 15, it's been a bit of too much of "crying wolf". For example, during the week when the titanium Tallys came out, the hype was "7 new decks will be released" (or something along those lines), the reality was they counted the red and blue decks as 2 and there were not any actual new deck designs. Great word games for marketing, but word games none the less.

    Every DVD project and 1-on-1 comes with the same platitudes and after awhile it becomes white noise. This is why you see a lot of comments where people are asking, "is it just another deck?" and other such questions. You see a lot of cautious excitement because people have been disappointed before.

    The irony of it is, I actually think this particular project from T11 is something that will be worth the hype and build up. However, I wish that the team at T11 would be a little more judicious in how they pump up every single release because when it comes to something of this magnitude when it is appropriate, they unfortunately lose a lot of people.
  17. Hey Guys,

    I don't post much on the forums anymore, but I truly believe the events this week (aside from Mirage, which you know about) are going to be something amazing. It's not what you expect, but you are going to LOVE it. I am so excited for tonight!


  18. is the release tonight? or are they going to inform us more about the release tonight?
  19. No doubt about it. I am still somewhat dumbfounded by the sheer impact of the idea. Unlike Katie, I have not known about this for very long, but I can tell you I do know (in small part) how this changes everything.

    Tonight. 11 PM EST. You too will begin to understand.

  20. *thinking out loud*
    Not the SC... they wouldn't... or would they ? AAAaAaAaAhhh !!!

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