t11's biggest release - This Week!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trikuxabi, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. i'm glad i waited to buy the guardians deck
  2. I still don't see why a countdown to a countdown to a deck of cards is necessary. Or how a deck of cards is going to revolutionize magic. This must be one heck of a deck of cards!!! (maybe a new kind of card stock!!!!)

    ~Nate Hickey

    P.S. This post is dedicated to Casey Rudd =)
  3. maybe its not a deck of cards
  4. No one has said anything about what it is...

    I'm almost certain they don't think a deck of cards will change the game.
  5. but it is =)
  6. it would be funny if there was no release
  7. ...that wouldnt be funny at all...
  8. Metallic Fox Lakes (just the rumor I am hearing)
  9. but they said 4 years... that's not funny man
  10. I just think the big deal t11 is making out of it is funny
  11. Whoopee... Almost time for the timer that counts down to a new release which is actually a deck of cards.

    P.S. What up, Casey Rudd?
  12. after my last few experiences with any kind of launch... im expecting the site to crash and for people to get angry about it. (sarcasm)
  13. Ohh, it's a big deal!
  14. It's 11. Let's see what it is.
  15. It's not a deck of cards. There's no way they could make the claim that a deck of cards will revolutionize the magic world with a straight face.
  16. not funny at all man ...
  17. It's a little funny.
  18. Time's Up!!
    C'mon, announce!!
  19. It has to be! Cards R the Best!
  20. We love you casey rudd

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