t11's biggest release - This Week!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trikuxabi, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. I noticed he said the countdown. So I'm guessing tonight is the start of one of those hype campaigns like last year, not an actual release? Whatever the matter, I hope it doesn't last too long (cough* trying to get JB's attention over here cough*) cuz I have school tomorrow so I don't want another long puzzle chase that will keep me awake until one or something.

    But nonetheless, I'm reaaaally excited for this. I mean, other times they and other magic sites have said that it's revolutionary. But I guess that this is the real deal cuz they actually said what revolutionary meant. ;)

    Now gotta finish hw that my school gave on first day.
  2. We are going to inform you guys in a neat way tonight at 11pm EST about the BIG release on Friday. We we we so excited! haha
  3. Oh so its Friday? Friday! Gotta get down on Friday. Everybodys lookin' forward to the..weekend!
  4. I'm very curious...can't wait to see what is so "revolutionary"
  5. Wait... Coin one, coin two... Coin three ?? :D
  6. It's never been done. It took four years to develop.

    Three hours until the countdown begins!

  7. I'm very excited myself, but I have to say that I was a tad dissapointed to hear it want metallic. I was looking forward to some chrome sponge balls.

    I do enjoy a good T11 cerca trova.
  8. So.....tonight you will release a 30 second hype video that doesn't actually show anything? I hope we get to see what it is because magic sites are going overboard with teasers for trailers for releases.

    bluecrown hyped for a week about something amazing coming which turn out to be Bold Assembly, which actually isn't new or reliable.
  9. The Wire???
  10. No trailers, no teaser videos - just one simple idea. A game changer. Tonight at 11, we begin the countdown. By the end of this week, all is revealed.
  11. It's obvious, we find out who killed Chris Kenner.
  12. I love that we're having a countdown.... for the countdown.
  13. It must be the IRON MAN!!
  14. Metallic Wire.
  15. Most definitely wire. W. Wire. Duh.
  16. Getting excited we're just over an hour away from the "announcement".
  17. Um I've seen alot of different guesses here but I am thinking it might not even be a trick. Maybe t11 is releasing a mobile app or version of it's website. Idk but I can't wait till they finally tell us what's up!! Hahaha
  18. 30 minutes. Not far at all.

  19. 15. Very curious what they think they've come up with that will revolutionize the magic industry.

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